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  1. MoxieTonic

    How long to make a ripple?

    Years ago my grandma made me a blanket that is 48" by 72" (4 feet by 6 feet - did I do my inches right??) Anyway it is the PERFECT size! I think that extra foot of length is great because I can pull it up to my chin and tuck it under my feet at the same time.
  2. MoxieTonic

    Blooming Baby Blanket

    This cheery blanket is worked in hexagons and then pieced with a raised joining stitch and a faux ruffle added to the boarder. It's great pattern for a confident beginner (I have lots of pictures and step by step explanations of the unique stitches) and fun enough for the more experienced types It's on Ravelry and on Craftsy. Thanks for looking
  3. This summer I did a lot of gardening and watched a lot of t-ball. This hat came in handy. It was lightweight and kept the sun off my face. The pattern is here.
  4. MoxieTonic

    Crochet Hair Elastic Flower

    WHat a cute idea. tfs!
  5. MoxieTonic

    Cheery Flower Pattern

    Even though it's fall, I still can't get enough bright summer colors. These little flowers always make my day cheery. They can be used in a garland, on headbands, for hat embellishments, put on sticks and displayed in a vase. You name it! It's available on Ravelry and on Craftsy
  6. MoxieTonic

    Team Baby

    I'm in - late, but in! I'm going to have a blanket and hat done. The blanket is the one that will be the trickiest - just figured out that I need 72 flowers for it. with four colors per flower that's a TON of ends to sew in - but it's so worth it
  7. MoxieTonic

    Favorite/best thread

    Sounds like Cebelia is the resounding winner. Thank you everyone. I was at my mom's today and had a chance to look at doilies and other work done by my great-grandmother. It was soooo inspiring. I have seen them my whole life, but never truly appreciated them until now. I can't wait to get more skilled. I also have to say thank you to everyone in this forum. I've posted in other forums and been ignored, but you all were so helpful and welcoming. Can't wait to get more involved with the lovely people here. Cheers
  8. MoxieTonic

    Favorite/best thread

    Thank you so much, @katchkan and @mattenylou. I just looked and Joann.com has all their thread on sale. I'll try both brands to see what I like. @kathckan - I'm actually using size 20. Do you think that is too ambitious to start? @mattenylou - I want to get good enough to make an altar cloth. I thought I'd work up motifs until my stitches get even enough. But that colored thread you linked to makes me think I could practice on some fun things first. Where do you like to get patterns? Do you prefer vintage patterns or are there some good places to get more contemporary ones?
  9. MoxieTonic

    Favorite/best thread

    Hi! I want to get into thread crochet. I actually bought some thread and a hook last week but I'm finding that the thread is incredibly stiff. Are there premium threads out there (I bought aunt Lydia thread from JoAnns) that are softer? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!