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    I am a newlywed of as of March, 2013. (my previous husband of 10+ years passed away the previous August). I am a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and 3 even more gorgeous granddaughters!

    I now reside in Southern Missouri with my wonderful new husband in a small condo with Precious the Papillion.
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    SE Missouri
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    crochet, calligraphy, reading, nesting
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    got to retire early! yah!
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    afghans, when I want something mindless, which is becoming more and more often! I actually make things to give away more than anything. Time to make something for my house, lol!
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    since 1975?
  1. You are very welcome! This is what I am working on for Christmas gifts this year. It is the year of afghans and purses, lol. I sure hope they well received!
  2. I so remember my mom making one of these over 50 years ago! I thought it was magic, lol
  3. I am sure that she will love those until she wears them out!
  4. I am not usually into crocheted animals and such. (didn't want to try to spell amugumari?, lol) But HeidiBear's critters are the most adorable things!
  5. Thanx, Brenda. I can make it work if I have just a little pink. I have a couple of inquiries in over at Ravelry, but no answers. Nancy, the girl that you linked me to over at Ravelry hasn't been on there in 3 years. I don't hold out much hope for her, but I did find a couple of others that had some in their stash. I don't go to Ravelry much and didn't even think about it! I have been hopelessly looking at Ebay. You ladies are great! Sherry
  6. Thanks so much Nancy! I just sent her a message!
  7. I am looking for a bright pink go with some green, lavender, blue, yellow and white. I want to make a small afghan for my 2 y/o GD for Christmas. These colors are bright, but not NEON and just right for a toddler. I could use 2 or more skeins. TIA
  8. I hope you don't have to quit! You do such good work.................
  9. I love this. I have never done Bavarian, but it is so beautiful. Oh, the time it must have taken!
  10. Nylon purses are my favorite to crochet and here is a great tutorial for great looking handles. Here is the purse pattern: Sherry http://creativeyarnsource.com/Cosmopolitan%20Bag.pdf
  11. Thanks RoseRed. The off-white one is the only large one and maybe it won't be noticeable at all. The others will be much smaller and they are all rectangular. So far I haven't gotten the "lean" since I am turning instead of "rounding". I am switching back and forth on two now afghans now. Ah, life is good! Sherry
  12. I really appreciate the info. (I really like to learn at least one new thing a day, lol) I have not done any round ripples yet, but I do plan to make a about 3 grannygans for my little granddaughters for Christmas and I appreciate the tips about all of it. Sherry
  13. Well, there you are, duh! I have been crocheting for years and hadn't considered this! I think I do recall RoseRed mentioning that she turns hers in order for it to not have a right/wrong side, and I was planning to try that on my next multi-colored one. Who knew it would stop the "leaning". Thanks guys, that is an easy answer Sherry
  14. I have noticed when crocheting large (one piece) granny afghans that they seem to be "off square" when finished. The center seems to be sitting to one side a bit . I have also seen this in blog pictures. Is this just part of the charm? I seem to be a bit OCD, I guess, but if I put that much work in a project, I like for it to be straight! Do any of you have an answer to this problem? I am working on a rectangle one in one color, so it is not an issue here. Tks! Sherry
  15. Ok, I am late to this post, but I LOVE this afghan and would have a hard time parting with it! LOVE.THOSE.COLORS Sherry
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