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  1. Oh bummer, I would love to test for you but it looks like you have enough... What an adorable lil whale! Let me know if you'd like another. I am experienced!
  2. I have to have my yarn center pulled.... It drives me crazy otherwise... When the cake gets flimsy I just wind it up again!
  3. Oh I'd love to attend, but have no transportation! Is anyone driving from Rochester?
  4. Bah!!! I missed the sign ups! Doh!
  5. Ah, I see now... Thank you both for your replies! I didn't see a current thread for wish lists to be posted... But the thread hasn't been started yet!
  6. What exactly is an "Art Doll" and how does it differ from other amigurumi?
  7. My email: lifeissweet.curioustiff@gmail.com and my ravelry id: CuriousTiff
  8. I have been looking for a Super Bulky mitten pattern!! I will test for you! I am an experienced pattern tester on ravelry!
  9. i would love to test for you! sending pm now lifeissweet.curioustiff@gmail.com
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