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  1. lynnf2012

    Elephant head carpet

    https://irarott.com/Josefina_and_Jeffery_Elephant_Rug_Crochet_Pattern.html Don't know if the link will work but I bought mine on irarott.com.
  2. lynnf2012

    New Yarn, New Blanket

    I love your border. Gorgeous.
  3. lynnf2012

    Boye 4 in 1 crochet tool

    would love to have this. You are so generous.
  4. I know I've seen this before but was looking for ideas about what to do with my carefully curated yarn collection that is taking over my closet and garage. So what is your favorite stashbusting scrap afghan?
  5. lynnf2012

    Round purple bag, made by Zycee

  6. lynnf2012

    "Conjoined Minions Pencil Container":) - SET

    I think it is perfect.
  7. lynnf2012

    A blanket I made a little while ago - Moroccan tiles

    Love your colors better than the ones in the picture on Ravelry. Beautiful
  8. lynnf2012

    A blanket I made a little while ago - Moroccan tiles

    Beautiful! Where did you find the pattern?
  9. lynnf2012

    ~Birthday Sweater for my mom~

    Why not? That is GORGEOUS!
  10. lynnf2012

    My most delicate Gütermann sewing thread doily

  11. lynnf2012

    A small Gütermann sewing thread doily in light blue

    How beautiful!
  12. lynnf2012

    Vertical worked edging

  13. lynnf2012

    A new donut bag to coordinate with my new shoes

    So cool!