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  1. I received an "update" email about your post, so I had to take a look! Thanks for all of your posts!
  2. Are you sure that you are matching up the same rows that slant to the left and then to the right with those rows on the graph? Does the face of the fabric only show the front of the stitches (not every other row)?
  3. You are welcome to visit - just email me the next time you're in the area!
  4. Thanks! I really enjoy blogging about tapestry crochet. I have total freedom to say what I want and can add lots of colorful pictures! I'm so glad you enjoy reading it!
  5. I recommend that you try the felted amulet bag at http://iweb.tntech.edu/cventura/amulet.html that includes links to tutorials. I also suggest you join the free group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TapestryCrochet/ and look through the old messages at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TapestryCrochet/ and post your own questions and accomplishments! I hope you will give it a try!!! Thanks!
  6. I hope you will be inspired by my last three blog entries at http://www.tapestrycrochet.com/blog/ that focus on tapestry crochet design.
  7. http://www.tapestrycrochet.com/blog/ Thanks!
  8. My CGOA Conference roomate, Karen Whooley, told me how to post a picture, so I am going to give it a try in this message. Thanks, Karen!!!
  9. I tried to post a photo, but couldn't figure out how to do it!
  10. The new Spring issue of CrochetMe includes my "Get Your Ducks in a Row" bead tapestry crochet basket at http://tinyurl.com/37yd6m . I hope you will give this free pattern a try!
  11. If you can do single crochet, you should be able to do tapestry crochet. Please take a look at my web page for some free projects with internal tutorials to get you started. I would begin with the striped basket before moving onto pieces with beads, though. Thanks,
  12. Crochet Today (April /May 2007) just published my bead tapestry crochet lidded basket. They asked for a southwest motif, so that was the inspiration. I hope you will give it a try!
  13. The crocheting instructions for the basket are on page 10 of Creative Living http://www.kenw.org/cl/5200crafts2.pdf I hope you will give it a try!
  14. Four "Creative Living with Sheryl Borden" TV clips that feature tapestry crochet are now on YouTube. They are linked to my web page at http://www.tapestrycrochet.com/ The videos include an introduction to tapestry crochet, how to design motifs on tapestry crochet graph paper, how to use a bead spinner, and how to tapestry crochet a basket with bead highlights. I hope you will take a look! Thanks,
  15. I finished putting put my Creative Living segments about tapestry crochet on YouTube yesterday. They had to be edited to fit into the new 10 minute time limit. I split the bead tapestry crochet segment into 2 because I didn't want to edit out 3 minutes, so there are 4 videos now linked to my web page at http://www.tapestrycrochet.com/ I hope they work for you now! Thanks!
  16. Your hat is excellent! The diagonal drift is normal when tapestry crocheting in rounds. I just accept it and incorporate it in my designs. That's why I do lots of zigzags and diamond motifs. On the right side of the motif, put the stitches one over the other and on the left side, I move one to the left. It creates great triangular shapes every time!
  17. Your hat looks fantastic! I'm so glad you decided to try tapestry crochet! My web page has some free projects and 2 more videos. Enjoy!
  18. This bag and most of my other tapestry crochet bags would be very sturdy if crocheted with nylon. I just finished a bag for publication with one of the companies that makes nylon thread. I used size 18 and it turned out great! I tapestry crocheted it with a size 0 steel hook that has a handle on it. The handle made it easier to insert the hook into the stiff, tight stitches. You could use a larger hook, but get one with a handle – or add a handle to your hook with polymer clay (just follow the instructions on the package). Thanks,
  19. I can see the video on my PC, but I have Quicktime. You can download it for free for PCs and MACs at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/win.html I hope it will work for you. Please let us know what happens. Thanks!
  20. I noticed that lots of people have looked at the message, but there are no comments. Is the Quicktime video working for you? On slow connections it takes a while to load.
  21. One of my tapestry crochet segments from "Creative Living with Sheryl Borden" http://iweb.tntech.edu/cventura/movies/CRL3.mov shows how to do bead tapestry crochet and how to use a bead spinner. Two more tapestry crochet videos from the same show are linked from my web page. They play with QuickTime on some computers, but not others. Thanks,
  22. Your bag looks wonderful - and what a fantastic idea to crochet it with yarn to make it larger! I recently added some videos to my web page from a PBS television show that explain more about tapestry crochet design and crocheitng with beads, if any of you are curious. Keep up the good work!
  23. Thanks so much for doing this! Your bags look great! I recently added a free felted amulet bag pattern, too. I also started a Yahoo group called Tapestry Crochet. I hope that everyone will join! Thanks again, Carol
  24. Have you tried tapestry crochet? Please look at my web page for some free patterns. You could alter some of the bags and hats to make pillows and baskets. My books http://iweb.tntech.edu/cventura/MTCprojects.htm also have pillow and basket instrucitions with "folk art" type motifs.
  25. Your bags are wonderful! Have you ever tried felted tapestry crochet? My web site has a link to a free a felted tapestry crochet bag pattern http://www.crochetme.com/hip-hop , and my new Bead & Tapestry Crochet book features several felted bag patterns, some of which have beads http://iweb.tntech.edu/cventura/BFTCprojects.htm .
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