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  1. Dom is a cool dude! Got him his Christmas present today. I LOVE MY STUFF!!!!!! (on a public comp. so no piccy yet) :candycaneNicole made me a Kewl crocheted stocking in dark red, green and white, a purple dish cloth, gave me crochet hooks and cotton yarn (pretty colors!!) A bunch of crocheted ornaments (every crocheter should have a tote full of yarn ornament,) some felt trees, red & green glass starburst ornaments, A cute santa canister with a lid, cat treats for my furbabies, a yummy jar candle, a candle in a tin and some tea lights. Oh i feel like I'm forgetting something! I need to look at the stuff again! (sorry if I forgot something, I KNOW When I get home I'll be like "Doh! How could I forget that!!" My friend came by & I had to show him everything in there, He thought it was all cool too! thank you thank you thank you
  2. me too! Another vote for this swap again! WOW! Cool stuff! Breathe Nicole Breathe! {Phew} Doesnt it make you crazzzzy when you know something should be 'right here' and it isn't!!?? Time to start stalking my mailman. He's the best. Saw me on the street this morning talking, had a box for me, didn't want to leave it in the rain at my house so he 'delivered' it to me at work! Cooooooooool! I like that bulb garland!!!
  3. First off, sorry I've been MIA. Had computer troubles and couldnt get to the library to check in. :clap:clap I'm glad you & the kitties like the stocking and stuffers! :hugYou are very welcome!! I had a bunch of crochet stocking patterns picked out to choose from, then walked into the store and saw that stocking and loved it, so i had to get him!!
  4. Popping in to say hi! HI!! Been super busy. Worked all weekend getting firewood. What a great but exhaustisng work out! have to get moving on my swap too. Maybe thursday. I took off for a dr appt and will have to whole day to do stuff. Have a great night everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Have a few more things to crochet..... geting closer!
  6. oooh, more ideas in my head. I need more hours in the day!!!
  7. :eekalmost done!? Clean? You're supposed to clean?? Feel better quick! :eek:eekFINISHED?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stocking $0 Stuffers $3 Lots of ideas brewing $0
  8. 1/2 way done!!!! I cant even decide on a pattern yet, or if I'll sew..... oh wait, machine went kaflooey, no sewing. Hmmmm, this one, nope that one, oh cool the other one, nah the first one, or mayyyyybe......... Kidget feel better quick!
  9. :ghost:skeleton Happy Halloweeny! :ghost:skeleto
  10. We got about 4" of the 10-15" predicted. Sorry to those without power and trees down. We were lucky......... this time.
  11. Its pretty. Come on over and get all you want from my yard. We got accumulation last night. I'll send some too! It should be 60* all year here except at Christmas, then there should be snow. If it stays tomorrow will be our (NY) 1st white Halloween since 1925.
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