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    25. Student. Mother. Homemaker. Owner of PurpleKiss.Co - where I blog and sell. Crocheting since 8 years old. Taught by grandmother. All pieces are made to perfection, && with quality, so all items are made to last a lifetime. Only this way can crocheted memories be made. <3
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    Cleveland, Ohio
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    Crocheting, reading, watching the news, learning, web design, crafting, knitting, blogging, creating
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    Full time student, mother, && homemaker.
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    Blankets && Home Decor
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  1. I love this, very clever and cute! The blue is perfect. I would love to see it on a white table with colorful dinnerware, in a Spring/Summer setting! Great job! ♥
  2. Welcome to Crochetville! I am sure you will find MANY new things to explore here! There are always new posts and topics, so tune in often! ♥ Have an amazing day!
  3. First, I want to thank you for the amazing response I had from this Forum with my Zebra Blanket Crochet Chart pattern. I am so thankful you all loved the design so much. About a month ago, I released a new pattern into the PKC Shop. Knowing that Valentine's Day is coming up, I had to design something with that theme! Cute hearts felt perfect for this project. The Valentine Hearts Dishcloth Pattern is used with 100% cotton, in any colors you choose. I used a dark red and cream color for the photos shown in this post. There are also WRITTEN Instructions and a Crochet CHART! Therefore, you do not need to know how to crochet from a chart to complete this pattern. You can follow the Written Instructions if you prefer! There are 13 layed out pages with this pattern. Also, there is a Table of Contents that can help you find where you need to be in the pattern! Border Instructions are also included with this download. I love the border on this dishcloth because it makes this item have a vintage style (when worked in the cream main color). 9 images are placed within the pattern to help you guide you along. There is also a main section about How to Change Colors for reference for newbies. You are expected to know how to do the following when purchasing this pattern: Chain, Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet, Slip Stitch. You should also be familiar with the Tapestry Crochet technique. The Quick Guide can help you along if you get stuck & I am also available during weekdays to help you out! Pictures will be attached below for your viewing pleasure. Please stop by to check out the Valentine Hearts Dishcloth Pattern in the PKC Shop! Who will you make this for on Valentine's Day? ;D Click here to visit the Valentine Hearts Dishcloth Pattern!
  4. Love it! Such a cute bag.. I really love the colorful one in the middle
  5. Adorable! & Definitely for a great cause! Thank you so much for sharing- I haven't seen any Christmas Lovies before.. Very nice! ♥
  6. Hey Samantha! So nice to meet you! I bet you will learn a lot of new techniques here at Crochetville! ♥
  7. So nice to meet you Silvia! Hello from the USA! ♥
  8. Hello from Cleveland! Welcome to Crochetville!
  9. Woohoo! Welcome back! Hope we didn't miss too much of your crochet life while you were gone! :) ♥
  10. Hello & Welcome to the forum! I hope that any help you need along the way can be answered here! Looks like you are off to an amazing start! ♥
  11. I love these cute boots! I have this pattern on my Must Buy list! ♥
  12. Very nicely done! The lining is the perfect color and design to match the purse! I totally love it! ♥
  13. PurpleKissCo


    I love the color combo! What a lucky girl! ♥
  14. What a great collection! I downloaded my copy, thank you! ♥
  15. Hello & Welcome! I hope you can find many UK patterns here. There is such a huge databases of resources here! ♥
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