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    25. Student. Mother. Homemaker. Owner of PurpleKiss.Co - where I blog and sell. Crocheting since 8 years old. Taught by grandmother. All pieces are made to perfection, && with quality, so all items are made to last a lifetime. Only this way can crocheted memories be made. <3
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    Cleveland, Ohio
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    Crocheting, reading, watching the news, learning, web design, crafting, knitting, blogging, creating
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    Full time student, mother, && homemaker.
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    Blankets && Home Decor
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  1. I love this, very clever and cute! The blue is perfect. I would love to see it on a white table with colorful dinnerware, in a Spring/Summer setting! Great job! ♥
  2. Welcome to Crochetville! I am sure you will find MANY new things to explore here! There are always new posts and topics, so tune in often! ♥ Have an amazing day!
  3. First, I want to thank you for the amazing response I had from this Forum with my Zebra Blanket Crochet Chart pattern. I am so thankful you all loved the design so much. About a month ago, I released a new pattern into the PKC Shop. Knowing that Valentine's Day is coming up, I had to design something with that theme! Cute hearts felt perfect for this project. The Valentine Hearts Dishcloth Pattern is used with 100% cotton, in any colors you choose. I used a dark red and cream color for the photos shown in this post. There are also WRITTEN Instructions and a Crochet CHART! Therefore, yo
  4. Love it! Such a cute bag.. I really love the colorful one in the middle
  5. Adorable! & Definitely for a great cause! Thank you so much for sharing- I haven't seen any Christmas Lovies before.. Very nice! ♥
  6. Hey Samantha! So nice to meet you! I bet you will learn a lot of new techniques here at Crochetville! ♥
  7. So nice to meet you Silvia! Hello from the USA! ♥
  8. Hello from Cleveland! Welcome to Crochetville!
  9. Woohoo! Welcome back! Hope we didn't miss too much of your crochet life while you were gone! :) ♥
  10. Hello & Welcome to the forum! I hope that any help you need along the way can be answered here! Looks like you are off to an amazing start! ♥
  11. I love these cute boots! I have this pattern on my Must Buy list! ♥
  12. Very nicely done! The lining is the perfect color and design to match the purse! I totally love it! ♥
  13. PurpleKissCo


    I love the color combo! What a lucky girl! ♥
  14. What a great collection! I downloaded my copy, thank you! ♥
  15. Hello & Welcome! I hope you can find many UK patterns here. There is such a huge databases of resources here! ♥
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