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  1. Love it..! that is beautiful..!!
  2. Hi, Carla critters are fine all the wild ones are coming back to the house looking for food . The kittens I took in are getting so big .Found a good home for one , but I kept the momma and two of them ..here are pics of them .. There is Missy the momma and Tink and J.J-(the bigger one ) sister and brother.(got them fixed all of them).. ..The are very smart kittens .J.J is over ten pounds and paws as big as catchers mitts, but a sweet heart...I have been sewing too giving my hands a break here and there , until the sewing machine had enough and would not let me sew anymore . So I went back to knitting
  3. I thought I would check in see how everyone is doing? Still knitting away and taking care of my little zoo..::cat:cat:cat:cat lol Here are a couple of scarfs the purple one finished it, daughter has not taken it off..all winter long..lol. The red one I started about a month ago it a free pattern on KnitPicks
  4. Goldkeeper

    chit chat

    Thanks girls.. mamaoso ...All are not going back I am keepeing mama and the little runt girl.. so that will make 4 cats in the house. Right now I have 5, that get along. All females and my daughter's cat female does not like them ..hopefully when my daughter moves out she will go with her...
  5. Goldkeeper

    chit chat

    Hi Gals, Been busy taking care of the garden and my little foster kittens ..They are getting bigger by the minuets..Still trying to do a couple of rows on the multi color scarf every nite ..but sometimes I just can't do it I have a farm in my back yard to feed..:cat:cat:rabbit:rabbit..The other day when I brought the moma cat to get fix at the animal shelter , someone was bringing in a baby goat..my husband just said DONT U EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!! lol
  6. Thank You..Carla...I know Mamaosa needs to get a big Thank You too,from me .. From basic knitting stiches I only knew to thinking I can do this..lol..Well I am always up for trying something new..I found a couple of scarfs patterns to practice before iI take on the bag. I'll get pictures of the scarfs and post them.
  7. I know Carla ..I have been reading and going over the charts and on Youtube trying to understand how to do it . I also got the kit to do this too It seems easier.....
  8. Carla , they look great LOVE the colors I order some Palette yarn from Knit Picks that was on sale with a kit..Too make that bag . I am trying to finish the scarf first..I finished one half ,I got about 4 inches on the second half.
  9. Hi guys, Well I picked up the very colorful scarf with the faux cables .I'm making good progress .Hopefully it will be done for Easter..For some reson I can't upload pictures ...
  10. Thanks girls ..It is only one scarf one picture is taken with my phone and the other with my camera..it does look like two differnt scarfs..
  11. Finally finished it . Needs to be washed ..Don't know if I want t o put a fringe on it or something else.. Now back to my other scarfs that need to be done..
  12. Hi Linda, Knit Picks has a couple of things like this. http://www.knitpicks.com/accessories/Double_Pointed_Knitting_Needle_Tubes__D80211.html
  13. Carla I put the Sunny scarf down a while to do other scarfs .I started it late spring last year so I thought I should finish for spring It is about 60 inches .I'll take it to about 72 inches
  14. Hi Girls ! Carla nice to see you back..hope you get your gremlins fix on your computer.Your scarf must be beautiful I love that pattern...Diana you seem to be busy too...I am back trying to finnish my sunny scarf I got about another foot to go .
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