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  1. Believe it or not, the hat took about 3 days to get just right!
  2. Thanks! She puts a lot of work into each of her designs (even after she figures out the design, she has to make 2 or 3 copies to make sure she hasn't missed something and didn't let a typo slip in)...
  3. Michelle has just finished another pair of patterns! More details at: http://treasuredheirloomscrochet.com/catalog-new.html
  4. Michelle's just finished her latest patterns and Details at http://treasuredheirloomscrochet.com/catalog-new.html
  5. You can try Treasured Heirlooms --- She's got a section dedicated to Annie's Crochet Quilt and Afghan club patterns...
  6. If you're looking for vintage patterns, come on over to Treasured Heirlooms --- enjoy!
  7. Come on over to Treasured Heirlooms Crochet --- there's always something new coming in....
  8. If you're looking for vintage patterns, check http://www.treasuredheirloomscrochet.com --- what's available varies from day to day, so check back often!
  9. Lots of out of print (and some NEW) patterns available at Treasured Heirlooms Crochet
  10. Michelle's just finished her latest doll pattern. She's done the pattern in two sizes --- 15" and 18" and they're incredibly cute! http://www.treasuredheirloomscrochet.com/e-belindas-blessing.html
  11. http://treasuredheirloomscrochet.com/resale-dolls-18inch.html
  12. dalsrule


    Say hello to my wife, Michelle. She's been crocheting forever and has more than a few patterns to her credit. Way back in 2001, she won Herrschner's design contest and wound up stranded in Stevens Point, WI when her flight was scheduled to depart first thing in the morning on Sept 11..... Since then, she's established a shop selling her own designs and other patterns at http://treasuredheirloomscrochet.com
  13. Michelle Crean has been crocheting forever (since well before we were married, and that was 38 years ago, today!) Her first published pattern appeared in one of Annie Potter's first issues and was followed by a variety of designs from cookie cutter characters to wooden spoon dolls and all manner of doll and baby clothes. A few years ago, Michelle started http://www.treasuredheirloomscrochet.com to sell both her own original designs and other publications she's picked up just to re-sell.
  14. http://www.treasuredheirloomscrochet.com/e-catalog-dolls.html
  15. This is an incredibly cute pattern.
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