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    Kay Baxter
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    I began crocheting at age 10 when my grandmother taught me how to make a granny square.
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    dogs, ponies, reading, art
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    Freelance writer
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    40 years
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    baby blankets
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  1. Aww shoot I wish this was closer!
  2. My newest Skip Stitch Blanket Pattern. This one is a lot of fun but a bit of a yarn eater. But its so cute when its finished. The giraffe animal print is pretty big for babies right now. I also sell the skip stitch blades if anyone needs one https://www.etsy.com/listing/110350686/crochet-pattern-giraffe-baby-blanket
  3. kayscrochet

    Original Creations

    I would publish it and see how it goes! Remember everything starts somewhere. I publish a lot of beanie patterns. And yes there are a ton of beanie patterns out there and all beanies start basically the same way. But its what you do with it and how you present it that makes yours different. Kay
  4. Thanks! Hes working on making some double and quadruple for people like me that crochet or knit with several different colors at one time. I cannot wait as I crochet a lot of hats that use several colors. I told him to hurry up.
  5. kayscrochet

    How to start a website

    My current site is a vistaprint site. Webbly offers free sites that are nice and easy to set up but you cannot do "product options" so I couldn't use it. The vistaprint site is easy to set up and get going and you can easily put in your paypal shopping cart with product options. The only thing I don't like is everything is extra like better web site stats etc. Kay
  6. kayscrochet

    My First Etsy Sale & a Question

    Unfortunately Etsy still doesn't offer instant downloads. But you can sign up for crafthub and offer it in your Etsy store. You do have to pay a fee to use it. It has been a huge time saver for me and customers love it as they get their pattern within about 2 minutes of placing their order. You can try a free trial Heres a link http://www.crafthub.me/register.php
  7. kayscrochet

    Need help writing shop policies on etsy

    Shop policies are very important and you would be surprised how many customers read them. Be sure to address how you handle returns, shipping etc. Feel free to take a look at mine to get an idea. Kay
  8. kayscrochet

    Dreaming Big for Your Business

    Amy what a great post! I was just pondering some of these same things the last couple days. This morning I was reading various threads here on the forums and there seemed to be a prevailing feeling of "you can't sell that" "no one will pay a good price for that" etc etc. So I wondered to myself why do people feel that way? Why do we undervalue ourselves? Handmade items are pure gems. They have a lot of value. But if you don't think your hand crocheted items are worth more than no one else will either. My daughter and I did a huge craft show this summer. In my opinion she was pricing her items way too low as she did not value her own items. She felt I priced mine too high. So I told her well we will see what happens. Now her items are just as well made as mine and some are better. But after only a few hours she could see that my items were way outselling hers. Why? Because hers were so cheaply priced that customers figured they had no value. She promptly repriced her items and they began to sell. She is now a believer and more importantly a believer in herself and her talent. Never sell yourself short!
  9. Thanks so much Jill. I am blessed to have a very talented husband!
  10. I asked my hubby to come up with an affordable Yarn buddy or yarn lazy susan and he did it! I have wanted one forever but they were always very high priced. His is made of pine to be lightweight but durable and has a lazy susan base so it turns the yarn for you while you crochet. No more flipping yarn over or having it roll on the floor! Works with both large and small skeins of yarn. $25.00 on our Etsy store or website. All handmade by my husband
  11. We just got in the Knitters Pride Dreamz crochet hooks made from symfoni wood. I just love these hooks! The finish on them is just stunning. We will be getting more in this week. We also have the set of Tunisian hooks with caps and cords. We still have free shipping on everything in our etsy store today! Skip stitch blades, crochet hooks etc.
  12. kayscrochet

    My New Crochet Zebra/Bee Baby Beanie

    Thanks so much! I added a halloween beanie and a christmas beanie. Gosh things have been so crazy here time is just flying by!
  13. My daughter and I designed the graphic on these and couldn't be happier with how they came out! They will be ready to ship next week but we are taking pre-orders as we also have to have them on hand for the Mid Ohio Fiber Fair this month. This way we can be sure we have enough. I am also thinking of doing one for Knitters so let me know what you think! They are available on my website or Etsy store. http://www.etsy.com/shop/kayscrochetpatterns Thanks so much! Kay
  14. I had so much fun designing this even if it took making about 10 different bows and 5 hats lol. Zebra Beanie Baby Bee Variation All Pink Newborn Version Thanks for looking! This pattern is on my Etsy Store http://www.etsy.com/listing/103810927/crochet-zebra-baby-hat-beanie-pattern
  15. kayscrochet

    My First Self-Published Design!

    Very pretty!