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  1. both for your responses! and for the links! Cadie
  2. Hi ~ I'm trying to make a blanket using the Chevron Granny Blanket pattern from theroyalsisters.blogspot.com I am having difficulty getting the end to come out correctly (i.e. - the number of crochet stitches). It says to "Chain 183-185. Take any un-crocheted chains off the end when you have finished first row." (not sure what that means or how to do unless I take out the whole first row). "You can make it much bigger by adding more chains, approx 15 ch each time. Finish with a downward slope to match the start of row." The start of the first round the pattern said to miss the first chain. Is the first missed chain considered the chain on the hook or the chain beside the hook? I've tried different combinations - I still can't get it to work out. The closest I've come is doing a set of 15 chains until the desired length but end of having one chain left for another stitch. (ex. - end says to 3 dc in next chain, 1 dc in next 7 chains, turn). I seem to have an extra chain (8) left over each time. I have gone back and counted. The "valleys" and "hills" on the ripples seem to be in line with each other - but the end gets me every time. Any suggestions???? I'm wondering if it is me or is it the pattern instructions that is a little off???? (A friend wants me to show her mother how to do this so I went back to make a sample and still not working). Thanks. Cadie
  3. The pattern does not indicate multiples ~ it just gives the number of chains. for your responses!
  4. I made several scarves using a pattern in which you sc in the next dc and dc in the next sc ~ all in the same row. The wider scarf began with 25 chains and the skinny scarf pattern began with 14 chains. I love the look and chunky feel of my scarves and would love to make an afghan using this pattern. My question is how to figure out the number of chains to start. NOTE: The pattern I used for the scarves is on page 49 (patterns #6 and #7) in the premier issue of Crochet 1-2-3 magazine (Issue 1; 2012). Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks. Cadie
  5. I love Crochet 1-2-3 magazine. I buy it from Walmart.
  6. Check out Maggie's Crochet in Kernersville. http://www.maggiescrochet.com/
  7. I'm making a baby afghan. Also started an afghan using the striped granny pattern. ~cadie
  8. That's the beauty of this pattern. And color combinations ~ endless!!
  9. I just discovered striped granny blanket patterns! BEAUTIFUL!!!
  10. A couple of friends taught me how to crochet when we were in college.
  11. I've been thinking about working with the ripple stitch. On the other hand I'm getting in the mood to work on granny square projects! So many choices!!! What I love about crochet is that even if you work with the same stitch/pattern - using a variety of colors and yarns - it makes each project unique! So much fun!!!!! Cadie
  12. Curious what your favorite pattern is and if you crochet more items items in your favorite pattern or do you use a lot of different patterns? I found a pattern on line and have been crocheting a lot of items using this pattern lately.
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