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    Crochet, art, reading, gardening, cooking, baking
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    Reiki Practitioner, Tarot Reader, Numerologist
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    I am just getting my feet wet! But so far baby blankets and hats I think are fun because its very mindless and fast!
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    Learned how to make chains when I was a little girl, but learned how to make projects fall of 2011
  1. pineapples are beautiful! what a perfect heirloom gift!
  2. I never knew this was going on. I made 6 pieces. 5 hats and 1 scarf for a family that lost the father.
  3. That is so exciting!! I bet it feels great! It's so fun to find the places to crochet when otherwise we would be wasting time. I don't mind waiting rooms or seminars anymore.
  4. The sad part is that this guy used "van gogh" as a way to measure who "knows about art" or 'has culture". As a guy who is a publisher you would think he would be smart enough to measure "culture" with something deeper than one of the most recongized artists. It's like challenging someone's food knowledge with questions about burger king... yikes!!!
  5. I have been making some for chrismas too- to give with gift cards!
  6. Ok- I need help. When making the heel/ankle part.. how does the chain 11 turn into stitch into 2 single crochet? I am confused what they mean in that part? Anyone??
  7. I will have to try them. My sisters have been asking me to make them slippers for christmas.
  8. I got in fine- you should try some other websites, maybe your computer is filtering it out somehow?
  9. The ribbing looks like it would hurt or be annoying on the heel... is that the case?
  10. This is my nephew, he is also in the blanket I made him last christmas- My first crochet blanket was for him. He is the whole reason I fell back in love with crochet. I wanted to make something special for my nephew. He cannot eat, talk, play, walk, anything... poor guy!
  11. It keeps the tube from rubbing against their belly all the time. I will find a pic of my nephew with it on It's super cute!!
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