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    Crochet, art, reading, gardening, cooking, baking
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    Reiki Practitioner, Tarot Reader, Numerologist
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    I am just getting my feet wet! But so far baby blankets and hats I think are fun because its very mindless and fast!
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    Learned how to make chains when I was a little girl, but learned how to make projects fall of 2011
  1. Julie- you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Linda - Sounds FUN! I have been thinking of going on the Crochet Crowd yarn retreat this coming fall. I am pretty sure they are going to alpaca farm, I have never seen the process and it sounds soo fun!
  2. Hi ladies! Just reading some of your updates! Marissa- it depends what the flavor is when it comes to flavored coffee. I have a bottle of coconut syrup that i drizzle in my coffee once in a while for fun. I also sometimes use coconut creme instaid of creamer because there are so many health benifits to coconut. LOL cyndi!!! I have been tempted to grab those misc bags at the thrift store but never took the risk... the colors tend to be 70's orange and green when I see them! Ha ha!! Hi to everyone else too! I have been making the victorian lace afghan which is a gr
  3. Yes, I have a "main project" and then various gifts or something small and simple if I have to go somewhere I know I would be waiting. I dont' like complicated things to follow a detailed pattern on the go, I like to do that sort of thing at home. I am making my doily/tablecloth and I am making hats on the go for a lady who lost her husband and has 5 kids.
  4. I am a lefty but I do everything with my right hand except for write.
  5. Hi ladies! Just checking in. reading all your updates!
  6. Faile- how did it turn out? Marisa- That is Awesome!!! 40 lbs is a LOT of work! I go to the ymca and I am pretty good with my food. I think the hard part is that I am a foodie and i LOVE to cook good food! I can't resist pasta!!!!
  7. Busy bee- ((hugs)) hope everything is temporary! marpan - "Ooooo as I'm talking about myself and getting ready to tell Rebby that I have 2 turtles (but they are still at my parents house in the Poconos being babysat because I didn't want to bring them to my sisters, Bean already puts up with so much) They laid an egg on Sunday Unfortunately they didn't see it until it was already busted up. I told my mom to keep her eye out because there will probably be more since they don't usually lay just one. She said it made a mess of the tank and wanted to clean it. I just told her to pick out the
  8. LOL- I have to say I was inspired by a thread on this forum! My husband and I tend to sleep at different times. He will ask me why I don't go to bed at the same time as him and I always tell him I would if he didn't mind me using a little reading light or something. He swears it keeps him awake so there is no compromise. Anyways, I saw the post about light up crochet hooks, and I think I might give that a whirl. I ordered 4 of my most common sizes (4.5-6) and my daughters think its going to be the funniest thing to reveal my secret weapon. My dd 13 wants to hide and videotape his reaction wh
  9. Luvtocrochet- Beautiful work! Wow!! Holy detail!! Busy Be- Nice to meet you!
  10. Cindy- I need to have a computer free day soon, It seems the ammt of time I spend grows every day!
  11. Omg Judy- I am trying to lose weight and your post makes me soo hungry!! lol
  12. Mary- thats wonderful! I love the feeling of a finished project! It doesn't get old! could someone post a pic of these "saltines" you all seem to talk about? LOL
  13. SOme of you asked to see what I am working on... i just pulled out a schnibble of what I am doing to snap a pic. Its in the patons sequin lace. I think it will be a pretty shawl (half moon) with white and tan clothing.
  14. LOL Enabler! Love it! I am currently working on a shawl called the "half moon shawl" however i didn't check my gauge and so It is going to take me a lot longer because my "completed project" was baby sized! LOL!!!! Oh and Gardener- I have a feeling we will get along just perfectly! I do craft and bake a lot and am waaay to busy to finish housework too!! LOL
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