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  1. I love making shawls, I simply cannot stop. My mom got lots and now she's got one more. Patten is Elise Shawl.
  2. I just finished a pink top for my dear doll Nella. I used Cascade 220 ultra pima cotton yarn and adapted Elfin Stripes sweater pattern. I made a white flower with three pink beads in the center.
  3. Cute dresses and cute dolls! Love the hats as well!
  4. Wow! What an amazing dress! I can only imagine how much work and love went into this stunning gift.
  5. Adorable dress. What a great gift for your niece! Don't dolls always make great models?
  6. I am so exited that I found this forum. I' ve kniited for a few years and recently I' ve started to crochet. I really love it! I like making clothes for my dolls. I am in my early 20's. I live in Toronto and am a proud owner of a cat and a fish.
  7. I am fairly new to crochet and I am trying to make some cute outfits for my sweetheart doll, Nella. First photo is my first attempt to crochet a dress for doll. The pattern I used is called Ruffle Edge Tunic. I enjoyed making it so much that I started the second one right away. In the second photo is the dress that I 've designed myself. I think it fits her nicely, And the colour looks great on her. I can't wait to make some more. Nella is a doll from Germany made by a great artist Annette Himstedt. She is 35.5" tall.
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