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    Here’s me in a nutshell: A Goth housewife with a darker side. I like to sit in corners and observe (generally while crocheting). I’m a kind, considerate, sarcastic, strong willed woman. I’m also a Pagan, a Rennie and an intellectual.
    I love to crochet blankets, the bigger and fluffier the better. I just recently taught myself how to do Tunsian crochet. Due to complications from a traumatic brain injury and post concussive syndrome I tend to stick with very basic patterns. This is also why I te
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    Too many to list
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    About 5 yrs give or a take a yr
  1. For some reason parts of the site ( like blog posts ) are not pulling up when I click on the links.
  2. Please bring the ability to view all new forum posts like it was on the old site. Edit: My bad. I completely missed the button in the far upper right corner that says "View New Content". Guess I need more coffee. Great job with the new site!
  3. None of my lys are close or welcoming. Every one I've been to I've gotten attitude for being a crocheter and not a knitter. Plus, since I work mainly with acrylics due to finances, allergies and preference I get even more of an attitude. I find most of what I need at Michaels and what they don't have I get on-line. I like Michael's rewards program and have struck up a good relationship with them and with one seller in particular on Amazon.
  4. I also agree with Real Deal and Smokey: It's hard on your hands and wrists and it ruins hooks. The "stitches" imho, look nothing like crocheting. And finally there's the financial outlay to get started. I spent quite a bit of cash on new hooks ( so none of my fav hooks would get ruined), tools, and different gauges and colors of wire. All that and after about 3 weeks of on and off trying to learn and I just up and sold everything I'd just bought. Didn't even come close to recouping what I'd spent. It's a great skill to have and the finished pieces are absolutely gorgeous, but it's just not for me.
  5. I did a google search for "reverse Tunisian stitch' and got a lot of results, both video and pages. One of them should be helpful.
  6. Noire Wolf

    Shawl Pins

    I make my own using beads, heavy gauge wire, bamboo bbq skewers and wood stain.
  7. Thanks for the link. Just bought the pattern and can't wait to try it.
  8. Wish I had the time to be a tester for this pattern. Will you be selling it on-line after the testing phase and if so where?
  9. Oops, my bad. I'd like to use Red Heart's Super Tweed which is a 4 weight and is also classified as an Aran / 10 ply (8 wpi).
  10. I’m about to start on this. I do not like working with the recomended yarn so I’m going to use this instead. Since the two yarns are very different, do I double or teble the starting starting chain and make stitch count adjustments from there so that finished garment will look/fit correctly?
  11. I'm going to be attempting to make http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/70552AD.html?noImages= as soon as I can get the yarn. I've already worked out my yarn substitution, but I'm not sure how to add a hood to this. Any ideas, suggestions?
  12. Thanks ladies. Unfortunately I'm still just as and as ever. Think this is going on the back burner til I can get together with some other crafters in person.
  13. I'm trying to start a shawl called the Sweet February Shawl and I'm seriously stuck. Normally I'm not this dense when it comes to reading patterns, but this time I'm really stuck. I get row one done ok, but then I'm totally lost. Can anyone help me or suggest a site where I can get the written intructions translated into a chart since that might make more sense? Oh, the pattern can be found here: http://www.marloscrochetcorner.com/sweet%20february%20shawl.html Normally I'd contact the designer for help, but both her blog and site hve not been updated in several years and there's no real contact link for her.
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