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    Here’s me in a nutshell: A Goth housewife with a darker side. I like to sit in corners and observe (generally while crocheting). I’m a kind, considerate, sarcastic, strong willed woman. I’m also a Pagan, a Rennie and an intellectual.
    I love to crochet blankets, the bigger and fluffier the better. I just recently taught myself how to do Tunsian crochet. Due to complications from a traumatic brain injury and post concussive syndrome I tend to stick with very basic patterns. This is also why I te
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    About 5 yrs give or a take a yr
  1. Thanks for the link. Just bought the pattern and can't wait to try it.
  2. I used to only have one WIP, but with Faire season starting this Saturday I'm starting a simple shawl project I can take up there, done in easily cleanable ( read cheap ) yarn that I won't mind if it gets all dusty or filled with second hand smoke from the pub. Then there's the project I'm doing out of very expensive Alpaca that won't leave the leave the house til it's completed, the one for my Mom's birthday and finally the baby blanket gift that I only started because another friend was cleaning out her stash and I suddenly found my self "gifted" with 12 skeins of baby yarn.
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