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    Hi I am a mother of 2 lively grown daughters with a lot of time on my hands. I resently returned to my love of crocheting and was looking for some beautiful clothing for my doll collections. I look forward to making some new friends.
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    New York
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    Reading, traveling with family and specially learning and trying new crochet projects
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    Home maker
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    Baby Blanket&Pillow; doll Sweater vest,hat&booty, Ponocho's
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    I first started way back in 1977 and started back up around 2006 where I learned to read some patter
  1. Hi was wonder in your first link on Kufi Hats the pattern require 100 cotton yarn do you think it is possible to use worst weight or Acrylic yarns?
  2. Wish I had read this earlier like before I went out and brought yarn for this pattern I am working on. The complete baby outfitt was giving to me in yards and meters but the afghan was gving to me in oz and yard so I thought and I do mean I thought I got the right using the convertion of the afghan but I was way off and the store had no more of the main color:(
  3. DollCollector


    Hello my fellow crochetvillers I am currently working on an afghan pattern that requires me to work the entire afghan holding 2 strands of yarn together. :confusedCan anyone help me I am a little lost here. Is it the same as when I am adding another color and I use the first color strand and the new color together to complete the add on color stitch.
  4. I have been working a large granny blanket from all my left over yarn, would to qualify as CAL. If so I would love to join and make new friends as well as post my process?
  5. thanks alot I really like Donna Rae's, has two different size doll outfits.
  6. I had that same problem so I what I using do is chain 3 and go into the second DC instead of the DC closes to the chain. Hope I explained that correctly. I'm better at showing then telling.
  7. I agree it all depends on the look you are going for. I was once a faithful user of the joining with DC or SC stich till recently I completed a baby blanket and I used the whipped stitch. I use to think the whip stitch took away the crochet look but it didn't.
  8. Hello fellow crocheters I have a Lee Middleton Duncan doll and would like some help on finding some clothing to make for him. If any one have any site or patterns I would greatly appreciate your help. Duncan is about 18-20" and have a soft body with vinyl arms & legs. I did find some of Darski's lovely outfits for 14" doll just have not figured out how to adjust to fit Duncan size. I tried using a different size hook but still does not fit. Help:help
  9. I would love to donate but I only know how to make baby things? What are some of the ages of the kids so I can adjust the sizes and make some hats & scarves
  10. oh wow I love this little dress would you mind sharing the pattern, I would love to make one for my JC 8.5" Lil
  11. Awww they are just adorable. How long did it take you to make them. Would love to make one for my little JC 8.5" Lil doll.
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