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  1. I'm not a fan of monkeys, but he is cute! Good job! Pat (Railbird)
  2. I got my hooks from KnitPick about a week or so ago. I have not used them yet. I've been in a crochet slump lately - can't seem to pick up the hook for some reason. I just purchased Crochetroo's Bilby pattern and I'm thinking that will lift me out of the slump later today! Pat
  3. The new Patternworks catalog has these hooks. Page 2. $7.95 each. see website: www.patternworks.com under the heading what's new - notions. I ordered 3 today (they are on back order until tomorrow). They were my valentine present from DH. He was planning on picking up my present today - but we never left the house - snowed in with over 2 foot of snow - and it's still snowing. I'm anxious to try these - hopefully they work, if not - what's a few more hooks for the collection! Pat
  4. Welcome to the 'Ville Patty. I'm just up the Northway in Saratoga Springs. You'll find a lot of inspiration and support here. Everyone is wonderful! Pat (Railbird)
  5. I love the kitty pattern and would really (she says purring) like to make some. No rush - I don't have time to crochet anything right now - but the holidays will soon be over and I can start thinking about crocheting instead of all the other "time consuming" things that are going on! Pat
  6. I was just going to post about this:) It was a bright spot in my day!!! I got 6 skeins of the boucle and 4 skeins of the fancy fur!!! Not sure what I'm going to make, but I have it! Pat:hook
  7. Railbird

    Toy Horse

    He is so nice. It is a fun pattern and I just love how floppy he turns out. Pat
  8. Hi Sophie, The pattern is in the S'N'B Happy Hooker book. You can find it just about all bookstores and various sites on the web. It's a great book - I know I've marked several projects to make! Pat
  9. Thank you for all the compliments - the yarn is Lion Brand Wool ease - it definitely isn't bulky, he can wear it under a blazer and not be uncomfortable. As for picking up the hooks again - I never really put them down that's why it took so long to complete it! I'm currently working on Frou Frou from the Happy Hooker book. I'll post when it's done. I'm also looking for a pattern to make DH another CROCHET :hooksweater (hopefully for Christmas this year).... Want something simple - plan on using Caron Simply soft (tan). Any suggestions??? I also crocheted him a sweater a few years ago - it's from the Leisure ARts book "Season of Love, sweaters for the family" the houndstooth pattern. It is also made with LB wool ease. Here's a pic:
  10. Okay, I know this isn't crochet, but now that it is finally completed (took over a year to make), I can devote more time to crochet!!! It is from the book - "The Knitting Experience" and was my first big knitting project! I'm now in search of a crochet sweater pattern to try to make for my DH for Christmas. The first pic shows the close-up of the pattern. He wore it the other night and says he likes it! Pat
  11. I caved to peer pressure and had to buy this book: Here's my version - it is made with RH supersaver - tan fleck (I think that was the name). The handles are from a bag I found at the local salvation army for $2.00! The flower was just a freeform this I did and attached for contrast! I love this bag! Pat
  12. Here is a photo of Momma Sushi (photo of dad coming soon): This is really cute and fun: Pat
  13. I finished him. It only took an evening - just got a chance to take pictures and upload this morning, I'm playing hooky from work today!! This was fun to make. I enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me test. The pattern was very easy to understand and well written. Thanks, Pat
  14. I just saw that too. I was also amused - guess you can do anything while crocheting. That really was a pretty ripple aghan. Pat
  15. I think this sounds like fun. I remember doing this a few years ago - can't remember which sites I found them on, but I do remember it was fun. Also a good way to use some stash yarn!!! Count me in! Pat
  16. Here's a pattern I found at crochet central: http://www.chezcrochet.com/page0070.html I also remember there was one at Marlo's Crochet a few years ago - I went to the site and couldn't find her version, but she does have a Hot Sauce Sam listed in the kitchen pattern section. http://www.marloscrochetcorner.com/patterns.html Hope this helps. Pat
  17. Welcome to the board. I made this using a variety of yarns, if I remember correctly - I used some a pink homespun, a little baby yarn and some eyelash yarn. Don't know brands because it was all left overs in my stash. Here's a picture and there are more at my photobucket site in the baby album (pink sweater). Hope this helps
  18. TESTERS FOUND - THANK YOU! I'm looking for 4 testers for the above pattern. I'm a Detroit Tigers fan and when they were on the verge of making the playoffs - I decided I needed a rally tiger - I looked and could not find a pattern (this was before Kristie's piggyback pals hit the stands) so I made my own. I just finished typing the pattern and now would like some testers. He is about 10-12 inches tall. Please PM me with your info. Thanks, Railbird
  19. Believe it or not, this mag was also available at my local grocery store - I saw it last night and didn't buy it then! That was my backup plan in case Target didn't have it!! I know the feeling - usually you can't find any crochet mags in the stores.... Pat
  20. Well, I've been wanting to get the book "The Happy Hooker" for quite some time now - I felt like everyone else had it and not me So my DH went to play golf this AM w/friends and he must have felt generous (or guilty) because he left me $$$ to go get my book and go to AC moore to buy yarn (they had all their yarn 25% off today)..... So I go off with $$ in hand and go to AC Moore to get yarn because I also have been wanting to make the Caron soft sage jacket, so I buy the victorian rose color yarn - I have never used that yarn before and I love it:manyheart. It is soo soft. They didn't have SNB THH there, so off to BArnes & Nobles I go.... I get my book!!! Then decide I also want a copy of the new Family Circle crochet magazine - they didn't have it. So then I'm off to Target (hoping they have it because I save 10% on mags there)! They did - so I buy it! I also bought some cute little beads in their $1 section - shaped like little dice! So now I'm all set to go home and start on my soft sage/rose jacket - but first I have to look through my new book and I see Frou-Frou!!! Goodbye soft sage/rose jacket!!! Hello Frou-Frou!!! I am on row 12 of Frou-Frou! By the way there is an correction sheet out for the book because I had to take a break because the numbers weren't making sense in the book - so I knew there had to be a problem somewhere! Here's the link in case anyone is looking for it: http://www.bust.com/knithappens/snbhh-errata.pdf#search=%22The%20happy%20hooker%20errata%22 I haven't even looked at my magazine yet!! Probably a good thing. Just wanted to share my story with people who understand!! Pat
  21. Stine - I think he's great. Makes me think of the foam on a rootbeer float!!! :icecream:soda (the closet I could come to a rootbeer float -ice cream & soda) Great job! Pat
  22. I'm too busy collecting them to count.......:lol:lol I have 3 binders and a couple of "big" piles that I've printed. Now as for the ones I saved (and need to burn to CD - before I use up all the available memory on the computer) and I can't even imagine. I do have them organized by type of pattern (baby, doll, pig, bear, horse, etc). It does come in handy and a reference source when someone is looking for a specific pattern - I can look at my saved copy (I always copy the URL to my patterns for future reference) and share the link.... Pat
  23. Very pretty! Congratulations.
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