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    I'm 37 and co-own a crafting business
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    afghans, amigurumi, "unusual" and the less traditional items
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    learned as a young child, then picked it up again at the age of 24
  1. I totally see some flowers like this in my immediate future!
  2. Love this idea! I want to go pick up some coffee filters tomorrow and make snow flakes to mail out It just sounds like such a simple and super cute idea! Thanks for posting
  3. Thank you for accepting my apology and for letting my "edited post" be allowed. I was out of line, but I won't let it happen again.
  4. What about crochet being only created by hand, not by machine? Personally, this simple fact makes me believe it is of a higher art form. With replications being made of famous paintings and such, there are no such thing as "crochet prints" --- there is no way to replicate an item EXACTLY.
  5. - "I thrive on chain reactions!" - "Y-A-R-N" I'm singing "Y-A-R-N"
  6. Amen! It is wonderful to know that there are others out there who do respect and understand the hard work and journey we take in crochet, especially when publically displaying patterns for free use.
  7. Sounds like an amazing organization
  8. I sure wish the directions for hyperbolyic crochet were easier. The book makes it all mathematical, which makes me sad. I enjoy doing crochet because of the LACK OF MATH! Haha!!!
  9. I just attempt to crochet as consistently as possible. I rarely crochet super tight, however I've been told that my tension is tighter than others. For me, consistency is the most important aspect --- bigger hooks or smaller hooks, just make the stitches look the same throughout.
  10. I've never really had this problem before. I use a wide variety of colors, but usually don't have trouble with them looking that different in different lighting. I like bold colors and bright colors, working in blocks of color mainly. For me, each piece has a tone. The colors and the stitches set the tone. I like using rather unusal colors together and finding ways to make them work --- I don't fear color clashing and "color arguements" in my work. I really enjoy working with color, but haven't really run into the problem you are describing - sorry
  11. I would send her a message on Facebook telling her that she has 7 days to pay for the item or the item would be sold/ donated. I hate that this happened to you, but the blanket you made will be a true blessing to someone who DESERVES IT! The minimum I require up front on stuff made for profit is that all of my yarn be bought at their expense before the item is started. They are updated on the project's progress along the way (if requested) and payment is due in full upon receiving the item. I charge more for rush or more complicated items. All estimates and designs are determined upfront, including the type of yarn and pricing. Logo items also cost more, depending on how much design work I have to put into it. I would rather crochet for charity, so I often make items if the person will buy me TWICE THE AMOUNT OF YARN NEEDED FOR THEIR PROJECT --- then I can make one for them and make one to donate to charity. I would almost rather have people buy me yarn in exchange for me making them something than for them to pay me money. My heart is in the charity work and I make that very clear from the get go!
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