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    afghans, amigurumi, "unusual" and the less traditional items
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    learned as a young child, then picked it up again at the age of 24
  1. Thank you for accepting my apology and for letting my "edited post" be allowed. I was out of line, but I won't let it happen again.
  2. - "I thrive on chain reactions!" - "Y-A-R-N" I'm singing "Y-A-R-N"
  3. They don't tag the washcloths, just the hats and scarves.... from what I understand. People can sponsor hats and items, which help offset shipping, for a fee.
  4. I love how this project lets us experiment and have so much fun and bless others at the same time!
  5. I played and have only made 3 of the circles. Almost all of the ones I make now are stars, but some are squares. I don't like the big wholes either, but I enjoyed experimenting with them!
  6. Here are some of the washcloths I've been making. My favorite shape to make is the star and I have probably over 20 in this shape. I just bought some new colors to make more combinations with I'm so super excited!!!
  7. I personally spoke with Meta from Warmth for Warriors on the phone yesterday - YES THEY ARE WANTING AND ACCEPTING WASHCLOTHS AT THIS TIME. They will also.continue to accept washcloths after the summer months. They are also trying to collect the mini stockings. As of this evening, I'm are over 30 washcloths - I'll ship them when I have enough to make it better financially for mailing cost. Keep on crocheting!!!
  8. Super super pretty! I need to figure out how to use my new camera and post some pics too. Yours are awesome and will for sure be a blessing! Seeing your pictures makes me want to fight this sleepy feeling and make more before bed...
  9. Over 25 made since June 21st and still making more! My goal us to make 100+ by the end of September and I also have nearly 20 entries to finish for the fair by mid-Sept, but I can't seem to stop making the washcloths and get back to working on my fair items, Haha!! I'm just having so much fun and I can't stop making them!
  10. I took them with me to dinner tonight at Chick-fil-A tonight!! A friend wants me to make some for him, so I told him I would make him 1 washcloth for every 1 skein of cotton yarn he buys me, therefore he buys the yarn needed for HIS CLOTH plus the yarn for one to donate. He happily agreed! His family has a long history of serving in the military, so this is a way for him to give back too
  11. I guess I could weave in after I knot Good point!
  12. Knot the ends and then cut the ends off - triple knotting if possible . On her next project, teach her how to leave long ends and then weave them in.
  13. I still stick with knotting this time and then have her weave in next time. Crochet is a learning process and knotting doesn't mean the piece will be ruined. She will have to be more careful when.washing it. I triple knot out of preference and have never had trouble with things unraveling.
  14. Frog? What does that mean?? I'm not familiar with that term... What about having her edge all of the squares and leave long tails. Then she can connect them and weave in the ends.
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