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  1. thank you for the free patterns!!
  2. my niece will love these!!! but then again now i will have to make TONS of doll clothes....
  3. Nice site! you are good with the camera
  4. Thank you so much for this directory, it saves me a lot of time looking for patterns, also love the free patterns offered here!
  5. wow, so much good information in this thread, especially for someone like me who is just starting:)
  6. its just like the hats that everyone wears from japan, with random animals on them, panda and what not.. id be interested to try and change it to be a panda or something instead of an owl
  7. I guess i have a long way to go in my adventure : ) they look great BTW!
  8. this thread has quite a bit of good tips, and i really just wanted to say thanks!
  9. Awesome! thanks! i was looking for a new pattern to try, and also something to keep me warm next winter!
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