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    collecting reborn dolls, knitting,crochet, felting.
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    baby clothes and blankets.
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  1. I'mjust learning hairpin lace, here is my first attempt I would love a hairpin lace section to, id love to see others work, I think this form of crochet is beautiful, I will certainly be doing a lot more of it.:manyheart http://i452.photobucket.com/albums/qq242/mollybaby_album/DSCF3029.jpg
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vdkzaac2-Y0&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib-WeyAMSVA&feature=related but I like this one
  3. I've only started Hairpin lace, this looks beautiful, will have to have a go.
  4. very pretty, the edging sets it off beautifully.
  5. very nice, can we see a bigger pic.
  6. :clapOh I love them all, those extra bits makes them look special. there wonderful.:manyheart
  7. I followed Mikesinside on ytube for the general counting for the top piece on all but the lemon one. I can never get the right amount of stitches. but his came out to small for the wool I was using so i had to add several more to each section. the bottom was just a continuation on the top. except the purple one, the bottom was my own design. I wanted a short jacket with aflounce. as pic shows. the lemon one is from an old crochet book. Thank you ladies for all your lovely comments, these are words of encouragements to me. Thank you. as forsize, they fit a large baby or small child.
  8. yes but would you put your babies in them??
  9. Love the bags especially the flower one, very trendy. jay love yours to, very eye catching. I'm making my first bag in a very long time.
  10. very nice, didyou line them. I love the handles on them, very neat and posh.
  11. I have been so busy crocheting these baby jackets and shoes. the lemon and purple ones still need buttons. these are bigger baby sizes.
  12. :clap:clap:clap:manyheartoh my beating heart he is scrumptious. is he your first child??? wow. you do make beautiful babies.
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