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  1. I, too, would love to test this pattern. If you need another, I would be happy to! email: tromano@hasbro.com Thanks!
  2. Here is my finished knit (sorry! ) poncho for a friend's birthday. It took a long time to finish, as it is done in four panels and then sewn up. I like how it looks, though and am doing another one for my mom in Paton's Color Perfect black. This one is done in boucle and it wasn't too fun to work with. The Paton's is showing up much nicer in detail. Thanks for looking!
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    Thanks so much - that helped alot!
  4. gabcamsmom


    How does one go about lining a crocheted bag? Do you just sew/machine it as you would any 'fabric' project? Thanks!
  5. I love it! I'm such a bag/purse lady, myself, so every pocketbook I see - I want! Great job!!!
  6. I make blankets and preemie stuff for a website I belong to: God's Tiny Angels and for my uncle to bring to his church for needy families. Here is one of a few that I have done that I just finished about 5 minutes ago (I knit/crochet during my lunch hour while no one else is around at their desks!)
  7. Kellyv - I used the AJ Wristbag pattern on the Original Patterns forum! PJ - I used Caron's Simply Soft - they are soooooo soft!
  8. I've been lurking for about a month and I finally decided to join. You all are so friendly and help each other so much! I have been knitting since 1997, just picked crochet up this past year and love it! I loved those AJ wristlet bags so I made a few and hopefully, I will be able to post the pics here...
  9. My name is Tami. I'm 37 years old, work full time for a toy company. I have 2 children, Gabrielle who is 9 years old and Cameron who is 2 years. I have been knitting since 1997 and just picked up crochet this past year (2004). I love both, but I find crochet to be much faster!
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