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  1. serenelysinister


    Hello and thank you in advance to everyone who replies. Here is my question: I am doing my first graphgan, it's black and white. I carried the yarn almost through out because I wanted it reversible AND I absolutely despise color change. What can I do to make the color being carried through not so obvious? Far away it looks great of course, up close...it makes me want to rip out the entire project. For those of you who use graphs..do you do it reversible or just have an awesome front? I want to make a maltese cross for my husband, but not if it looks like this! Help!
  2. Thank you for the warm welcomes...no pun intended lol
  3. Hi there, new here...and new to crochet. Only been doing it for about 3 years off and on, self taught through youtube.com! I am very interested in crocheting by a graph and came here for tips and pointers! I just can't seem to carry my yarn without it showing..a lot! Thank you!
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