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  1. I agree that it would make a great blanket. Or a thicker rug by using 2 or more strands of yarn and a larger hook. Good use of scraps and leftover yarns maybe? Alice
  2. I've also done some fairly simple lace. For Christmas I got a skein of Sea Silk yarn, and it's telling me it wants to be a lace scarf. I have several books of knit stitches, so have been browsing them as well as online. I might do a Feather and Fan scarf. Anyone have a favorite lace pattern? Alice
  3. Awww! So cute! I am owned by an orange and white tabby cat.
  4. I also prefer thinner dishcloths. I usually use 2 strands of thread and an H hook. Just simple stitches. I like a varigated with white. Or a solid color and white. Alice
  5. If anyone has a copy of Poetry in Stitches by Solveig Hisdale they would like to sell, contact me. Thanks! almh34@aol.com
  6. Nice and bright! I like these magic square potholders because all the knots are on the inside! A great way to use up those tiny bits of leftover yarn. Alice
  7. Very nice small purses. I hope your daughter is doing alright. Sorry to hear that she was/is hospitalized. Alice
  8. Did you all notice how the audience is cracking up with laughter while the model in brown dress paraded by. Poor girl! How embarrassing. Thanks for a good laugh. Alice
  9. I've made acrylic potholders and haven't had a problem. I like cotton ones too. But try burning the end of a piece of cotton yarn in a candle flame. It flares up! I doesn't melt the way acrylic does. I guess the lesson is, be careful with hot pans! Alice
  10. Knit a dishcloth in garter stitch. It's small. It's useful. It's forgiving if it's not perfect. Just cast on about 30 stitches with a cotton yarn like Sugar and Cream. Knit every row until it's square. Bind off. If you're really a beginner, you might want to count stitches every few rows. It's easy to add of lose a stitch when you first start. Happy Knitting! Alice
  11. I learned to knit in 5th grade. (That was back when the earth was new :-) Asked a great Aunt to teach me to crochet when I was about 12. She used thread, a tiny hook, and worked really fast. So I couldn't get it then. Taught myself later on. I also spin. I've made a few hooked rugs on a burlap backing, embroidery, have done some counted cross stitch, but crochet and knit are my favorites. Never learned to tat, but I have a shuttle. Multi-crafter, Alice
  12. Very pretty! I've got a lot of little balls of thread. I could whip out a few of these! You inspired me!!!
  13. My grown kids know my fiber addiction! I got a pair of gently used hand carders, Clemes & Clemes brand and about 10 oz of llama yarn DS and DDIL bought in Peru. It quite thin and somewhat overspun. Perhaps meant for weaving. I'll think of something to do with it. From other DS and DDIL I got 2 balls of Nepal recycled sari silk. About a pound in all. I've already started a bag from it. Lucky me. I often tell my kids I wouldn't trade them for anyone elses! Alice
  14. I think it's entirely up to you. Some people like small ones and some like large. If the pattern stitch has a multiple, you have to keep that in mind. I like mine about 9 inches square. YMMV. Alice
  15. I made some of these a couple years ago from a pattern I found online. I think they were called Scrap Socks, but couldn't find the pattern on my computer. They were worked vertically with 2 strand of knitting worsted. I made a chain as long as the length. Half double crochet in each chain until 5 stitches from the end. Single Crochet in those 5. Chain 1, turn. Working in the back loops, sc 5, then hdc. (It may have been singles and slip stitches to narrow the toes). Work in this manner until it fits around the leg. Sew up. I wish I could remember where the pattern came from. Anyway, this is the basis of it. Alice
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