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    I taught myself to crochet 12 years ago and been doing it on and off ever since. I have crocheted for charity, family and friends.
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    British Columbia, Canada
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    drinking coffee and crocheting
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    too many to list lol just give me yarn and I'm all good
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    January 2000
  1. I made Sookie a winter sweater. She loves sweaters since it doesn't take much to make her cold being only 5lbs and silky hair. I didn't follow a pattern but used technique info for making the leg area then just used Sookies measurements and trying on as I stitched. I changed from a chunky weight Loops and Threads verigated with 2 strands of sport weight in black every 2 rows.
  2. good for you you avoided second sock syndrome hehehe socks can also easily be done on circular needles:hook
  3. just checking in to let you all know I am still here. however the new antibiotics from my tooth extraction made me really sick mentally and physically so I stopped taking them a few days ago and still recouperating
  4. thank you Mary well i am off to gst ready to shop but just thought I would share a cool free pattern for my friends owned by a canine lol its a kong like treat ball! http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?p=2489817#post2489817 Ann hope you are healing well:hug:hug hope you all are well also:D happy stitching:crocheting
  5. for my fellow canine friends here is a free pattern link for a kong ball treat toy:cheer http://suzies-yarnie-stuff.blogspot.ca/2009/03/doggie-kong-c.html
  6. ooo i will have to google that and checkem' out thanks I didn't make it out shopping today but Sookie just found her pig ear! I knew there was no way she ate it all it was huge lol but i am curious to where she found it but she sadly can't tell me that hahaha so tonight i have to force myself to sleep by 1am at the latest as i must get out tomorrow for sure i hope i can totally off topic but I have been having many issues with firefox and IE has anyone else? just a thought that maybe the latest updates are too advanced for most web pages and pinterest made changes and its really wonky and unstable. thoughts? happy stitching:crocheting
  7. well tomorrow I have shopping to do since Sookie is lost without a pig ear to chew on she just wanders around my room sniffing and searching, even I have looked but it has disappeared mysteriously ... the poor girl lol I sure hope i find a nice soft travel bag for her too so we can take the bus to dog parks and much nicer parks which of course we have to take the public transpertation so she has to be in a carrier. in the meantime i'm looking for some cute toy patterns and hope to get some more work on my granny blanket. oh and i have to remember to get yarn to make another sock monkey to go with the other one I made and gave to my DD she wand a sock monkey couple hehehe happy stitching:crocheting
  8. Sherry ~ Thank you:D and yay for sleeping in!:cheer:cheerlol
  9. thank you Joanne hope everyone is doing well hugs Happy Stitching:crocheting
  10. thank you Ann I hope you are feeling and healing better as well :hug:hug Got Sookie on my lap sleeping geesh I never thought anone could sleep more than I when I am in over sleep mode:rofl:rofl:rofl she is getting really comfortable at barking at every noise so telling her no has worn out some so we now have a squirt bottle for her excessive and unnecesary barking and worked on first try too. More and more she is reminding me of my shih tzu girl Missie with her silly antics, playfullness and how she loves her belly rubbed an practically folds in half sideways while you rub it hehehe I am making headway finally on her toy heart tug My DD is coming over with the gift of pee pads :rofl:rofl I figured out that she will pee on them quite well actually or on concrete but not grass I guess its becasue she lived in the heart of downtown vancouver so not much grass hugs and well wishes to all and happy Stitching:crocheting UPDATE last pic is of Missie my Shih tzu 2 pics are of Sookie "my what big ears you have." lol:lol:lol:lol and of course her tug toy is done I left off the ruffle around the heart as it really had no function
  11. Sookie and I had a very sleepy weekend. I made a total mess not paying close attention while i tried to crochet her a toy lmao too much playing and not enough counting hahaha so started over and stopped when unable to focus marking where i left off this time. it may take a while to make at this rate. I can't believe how tired I am with all the sleep I have been getting may have something to do with the sick traumatic nightmares I have been having and they seem to be getting more frequent Happy Stitching:crocheting
  12. Thank you i'm doing pretty good except for some reason I am now allergic to amoxacillin and t3's which I have never had a problem with before so I called the dentist back and she prescribed a different antibiotic but said to just take advil ugh so i told the receptionist who called that they were not stron enough and i couldn't afford them anyway but the dentist had left already and won't be in until Tuesday so yay i get to suffer in pain grrr
  13. Very nice!:manyheart:manyheart
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