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  1. Yes I did. The stitch was a hhdc. You yarn over and when you bring the yarn through, you bring it through the first loop and then yo and bring it through the other loops on the hook. I hope that helps, I'm not very good at explaining, but could show you better. I looked on youtube but only found hdc. Kim
  2. Here are a few purses I've made with the fat bottom bag pattern. They are also lined and pockets sewn in. Kim
  3. This is a runner and doily I made. The doily is from a pattern book that my kitchen swap partner gave me! Thanks champygirl! Kim
  4. Congrats!!! very pretty!! Kim
  5. Great job!! I'm sure your Dad will love it!! Kim
  6. I made this Waves of Color Ripple for a friend in the Crochet World magazine June 2010. I haven't made an afghan in years. Kim
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