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  1. I received my potholder today from KRODRIG99. I love it! thanks so much!! I mailed her's yesterday.
  2. I finished krodrig99's potholder!! I hope to mail it Saturday!
  3. So excited to do this swap!! I haven't done one in such a long time!
  4. I love the scent of Lavender! Please add me. Thanks for sharing!! Kim
  5. Awesome! I love those!! Kim
  6. Yes it is. Where did you get it? I've never seen that color, we only have Michaels and JoAnns here and they don't have that color.
  7. I got my dishcloth from my partner amhmsh yesterday. I love it. Its the perfect color and I love the pattern. Way too pretty to use as a dishcloth. I will post a picture soon. Thank you so much amhmsh. Kim
  8. Yes I did. The stitch was a hhdc. You yarn over and when you bring the yarn through, you bring it through the first loop and then yo and bring it through the other loops on the hook. I hope that helps, I'm not very good at explaining, but could show you better. I looked on youtube but only found hdc. Kim
  9. Here are a few purses I've made with the fat bottom bag pattern. They are also lined and pockets sewn in. Kim
  10. This is a runner and doily I made. The doily is from a pattern book that my kitchen swap partner gave me! Thanks champygirl! Kim
  11. I'm so glad:D you liked everything! Thanks for being a great swap partner!! Kim
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