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  1. Guess I should have been more specific about the type of advice I'm looking for in my last post even though I stated it in my first post. I'm interested in advice on selling crochet designs. Any and all advice. I've sold some designs but wish that I was selling more.
  2. Thanks for info on the class Rose. Did you take the class, and if so what did you find helpful about it? I'll take it next time it is offered, but since this forum is about business mentoring I'd still like advice and help if anyone is willing to give it.
  3. I’ve done a little bit of crochet design and consider myself a beginner in the design arena and would appreciate advice on how to take it to the next level and become a successful designer. My specific questions for designers are: · When you have a project, how to you decide where to submit it (magazine publications versus books or leaflets)? · How do you get information on book publications that need projects? · What factors play into the success of getting your projects published? · What types of projects tend to be more lucrative? Thanks!
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