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  1. When I draw it on paper, I can count 23 shells on row 6, if you have 25 V stitches and 4 inc v stitches on row 5. Also, make sure your inc v stitches have one 6 dcs in them each.
  2. Row 6 says to skip every other ch space, are you sure you skipped all the ch spaces you needed to skip? Did you count your V stitches in row 5? Row 5 says 25 V-sts and 4 Inc V-sts at the end of this row.
  3. Thank you all. My daughter was always the best model for anything I made, she almost looks like a doll in just about everything. She still looks like a doll, but she doesn't like modeling so much anymore. Staying still is hard for a 3 year old. O:)
  4. I actually sewed the snaps on. My daughter has always like picking at things and I didn't want her to dislodge one and swallow it. I thought the snaps would make it so much easier than buttons or a zipper. :-)
  5. That was my original intent. That it could be made of sport yarn or worsted yarn, depending what the customer wanted. Different colors, etc. I made another one with slightly lighter yarn and a bit bigger, it can also be worn as a hood.
  6. This first one is my grandmother's pattern. When I was a kid just about everyone in our neighborhood purchased one of more from her. Now they are all about gone. We found one tucked away in my mother's linen closet and I used it as a model. I call those "The Carmelita Collection" :-) The second one was adjusted from a doily pattern.
  7. Dalimonster


    Absolutely beautiful. Your mother in law is very lucky.
  8. Welcome to Crochetville. It seems to be pretty awesome around here. I just got started myself. Great to have you!
  9. I'm actually not THAT creative. I purchased that pattern at a local yarn shop. All I had to do was re-size it as I went, since it seems that all patterns I purchased are made for very small babies. I also extended the skirt so that it was longer than my daughter. I always loved baptism gowns that were longer than the baby. :-)
  10. It takes me a while to make them, but if you would like to buy one, let me know and I can make you one. I usually charge double the materials cost. I spent $15 on the whole pineapple ensemble, including the toilet seat cover, toilet lid cover and the yellow doll that's in a different post. Just let me know if you are interested. :-)
  11. Dalimonster

    cell phones

    so cute! My daughter would love them.
  12. If you would like to try it, I can send you a copy of the pattern. I found it on etsy a while ago, and I have no problem sharing it.
  13. That's my daughter when she was about 9 months old. She's a different level of adorable now. She's usually my model.
  14. I ball them up and put them in ziplock bags.
  15. I can crochet pretty fast, but I don't know how to measure it. Since I only crochet in the evenings, when I have the time, and in the weekends, I can't really measure my speed very well.
  16. My grandmother. She used to crochet all the time. she used to make beautiful bathroom ensembles and sell them for so little money. I've reproduced her pattern, but I have spent at least 4 times as much as she used to charge making one reproduction. The price of thread has gone up so much!!!
  17. Steel hook #00. You can crochet yarn and thread with it easily.
  18. What happens in my case is more the opposite. I make stuff for myself and end up giving them away because someone else likes them. When I make something for someone I am thinking of that person so much while I make it, infusing so much love and thought into the item that when it's finished, even if I want it for myself, I still have to give it away. There is 1 exception. I was making a blanket for my brother's step daughter. However, she has turned out to do so many outrageous things and been so mean to her mother and siblings that I decided I didn't want to finish it. She's now having a baby of her own and seems to have settle down, so I might finish it for her daughter instead.
  19. I can do that when the pattern is very repetitive, and when there aren't many chs. I find that when the pattern has a lot of chs I count them in my head, so I can't read while I do it. However, making my daughter's blanket I read a whole book. No counting or chs.
  20. It's relaxing and gives me a sense of accomplishment.
  21. I have several bags, depending on where I'm going and what I'm making. I have a nice crocheters bag with rubber holes on the top that is great for small projects. I have a beautiful basket at home that I use to store my current project(s) because it looks nice and my husband doesn't mind it. I also have a huge collection of tote bags that I use as needed.
  22. before my iphone, I had most of my patterns printed and in binders. I wanted to get a tablet that I could use to read the patterns instead of printing them and saving them ina binder. When I got my iphone I was able to get an app that read pds and you can even add comments. All my newer patterns are now on my google docs account and I can acces them from my iphone whenever I want.
  23. "Kids, come look at what this lady is doing. This is a lost art!"
  24. my grandma taught me to hold my hook almost like a pencil.
  25. I like crocheting in the evening, when I can just relax, watch a movie and crochet. I also like to crochet when I'm waiting for something. it makes the time go by faster.
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