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  1. http://www.freepatterns.com has a lot of flower patterns. Some are part of other patterns, but they are there.
  2. If you are using Firefox to view the patterns, download and install the Add On "Pdf It". This will allow you to save the content of the browser to a pdf file.
  3. Take a look at http://www.freepatterns.com They have a nice selection of afghans that are simple to make. You just need to register your email address. It's free. They have awesome patterns.
  4. It's baby yarn. The kind that has a silky strand through it.
  5. Thank you. I'll have my mom take a picture when she delivers it. :-)
  6. sooo cute! I would love to have those in my collection! Absolutely adorable!
  7. That is an awesome outfit. I love the hair. I absolutely love the whole thing. Do you have to take it off? Can you get a new doll?
  8. I love her! How did you do the hair like that? Where did you get the pattern?
  9. Beautiful clothes. Your friend's granddaughter is very lucky
  10. Love it. I could probably modify that to make a dress for my 3 year old daughter.
  11. It has taken me 3 months to finish it. I hope she likes it.
  12. That is gorgeous! I want one! Of course, I'll also need to get a cabbage patch kid doll. :-)
  13. Wow! that is awesome. I would've loved to have those as centerpieces for my wedding!
  14. Most of my patterns come from http://www.freepatterns.com It's a free membership. You just need to register your email address. This particular pattern is simply called "Cable Sweater" You can find it by using their search feature.
  15. Very nicely done. I love the colors!
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