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  1. Here is my shawl!! The pattern is great!! Thank you, CroJulee for such a great pattern!!:cheer
  2. I have made several of these tissue covers!! http://members.optusnet.com.au/we2/sofatissue.html clickable
  3. Cute!! What pattern did you use?
  4. mwlb

    I need help

    If any one has questions about that pattern, just ask!!
  5. mwlb

    I need help

    Here is a direct link to one : http://www.tamemymind.com/blog/pages/two-colorreversibleshellsafghancrochetpattern.html I had been shown this pattern and wrote it up myself but since finding Tammy's site I know where the pattern came from. But here are just two of the afghans I have done with this pattern. You can adjust it very easy with the different yarn wieghts and hook sizes. Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy!
  6. Looks great!!! Love the colors!!
  7. Such a sad thing for any child to have to go through. He sure looks happy with his Spiderman blanket!! And how wonderful of you to make it for him!!
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