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  1. 50 gms pink 50 gms coral 55 gms navy blue 40 gms variegated blue $5.00 for all + shipping Non smoking home. Paypal please
  2. 2 X 100 gm balls, dark grey 70% acrylic, 30% alpaca $10.00 plus shipping Non smoking home. Paypal please.
  3. Moonlight Brushed mohair 50 gms, dark green 15% mohair, 15% wool, 70% acrylic 20 st = 4" on 4.5 mm needles $2.00 Red Brushed Acrylic 50 gm ball, bulky weight $2.00 Green brushed acrylic 40 gm ball, DK weight $2.00 Pics #2 Red mohair & acrylic 2 X 50 gm balls bulky weight $5.00 OR $10.00 for the lot + shipping Non smoking home. Paypal please.
  4. For sale, lots of DPN's various sizes as shown in pictures. Lengths are 7" and 9" Asking $2.00 per pair. + shipping. Some pkgs have 5 needles, and the last one has only 3 's Paypal please.
  5. yes, these are still for sale. pm me at the end of the week and we can connect. Do you have Paypal?
  6. If anybody has 25 or 50 gms, please.
  7. These are still available! sizes 3.5,3.75,4.25,5,5.5 and 6 mm $10.00 plus shipping, Paypal preferred Non smoking home
  8. 3 Boye Rosewood Hooks, 5, 5.5 & 6 mm $5.00 each plus shipping, Pay Pal preferred Non smoking home
  9. Hi: shipping from Canada to anywhere in the U.S.A. or Canada goes by weight and size of the package. I only ship in plastic bags to keep the cost down. If you could give me an idea of how many grams or balls you were thinking of, I can give you an estimate of the shipping cost.
  10. My friend is downsizing to an apartment and has to have a good clear out, hence this yarn has to go. She is asking $1.00 per ball. It includes baby yarn, DK and worsted weight. Many colours as well.
  11. Price reduced to $3.50 per ball + shipping
  12. Reducing to $3.50 per ball + shipping 10X 50 gm balls, Dusty Pink DK weight, no gauge given 20% alpaca, 20% kid mohair, 20% wool, 40% acrylic Paypal preferred - non smoking home
  13. I too am from Aylesbury. hello and welcome from Canada
  14. looks great becca. keep up the good work.
  15. www.kempswoolshop.com In the UK and they ship internationally. Best prices I have seen in a long time.
  16. when in doubt I use the library ,then I Google "free ........pattern" (what ever the project) and thousands of the things pop up.
  17. thanks, I have bookmarked.
  18. I just use the colours I have. You can always Google a colour wheel which will show you complimentary and contrasting colours. Hope this helps.
  19. I am going to make some carrier bags that hook onto wheelchairs or walkers. Do you think they would sell at the craft shows??
  20. why not look on this site for someone selling hooks.??
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