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    At the lower end of 40ish, pre-menopausal, 5 kids, 1 husband, love the ocean and rainy days
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    Southwest Ohio
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    Crochet, Cooking, Gardening, Anything Victorian, Classical Music
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    Domestic Diva
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    Thread & Irish/lace crochet
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    30 years
  1. lisalu, those are truely gorgeous little treasures! Would you mind giving some details about where to find the patterns, the materials used, and how they were constructed? I would love to make one for myself. Thanks!
  2. Hello and from SW Ohio!
  3. I'VE BEEN CLONED !! How totally adorable!! I love it. You both have done a wonderful job (designing and creating).
  4. Hmmmmm. The last one would make a nice bath poofy, done in cotton
  5. This is tooooo funny because my 6 yo son came home from school the other day and I was sitting on the couch, crocheting a pair of camo mittens for him. He said "Are you SEWING my mittens, mommy?"
  6. Oh my! This is great! I think I'll make one for my husband in camo color (he works outside all day and can't wear a scarf because it would be dangerous). One for myself, in Winter White...cashmere . Thanks!
  7. I think it is in either a LA or AA pattern book (leaflet). Something to do with Barbie.
  8. Oh Kathy, I have been waiting for what seems like forever, for you to put this (these) pattern(s) to print. SEVERAL months ago, you posted a comment and a pic of the red gloves. I fell in love that very second! I have not ever worked with size 80 thread, but have made many projects in 20 & 30. Was a bit challenging at first but once I made the first few rounds...it was almost natural. I have never tested anything for anyone, but if I could assist you in any way, please PM me.
  9. Bravo!!! & Amen!!! Another threadie!!! Your bookmark is beautiful!!!
  10. Ditto* I have been dealing with a bad Thyroid since I was 17 (now 41). Have to take meds every morning with a FULL GLASS OF WATER (not coffee). Energy level is still too low...husband is thinking ...I give up! 's to ya...PM me anytime!
  11. Hello and from SW Ohio! I'm a threadie too. My favorite is #20 & size 10.
  12. Hi Maggie, and to the 'Ville. My mom is attached to one of those things too. I am soooooo happy you found us! We have our own little "special" family here. The best group of "Best Friends" you could ever find! Just make yourself right at home!!!
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