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  1. Thank YOU all for all the nice comments! MBT
  2. http://www.premieryarns.com/patterns.php?id=108 http://www.premieryarns.com/patterns.php?id=110 Thought I would share - these are two new blanket patterns that I have designed, and Premier Yarns is sharing for free. One is a car seal blanket, one a child sized blanket, both made in sport weight yarn motifs. Enjoy! MBT
  3. Hey all - the votes are in, the live award ceremony is tonight, and then the full results will be available on the CLF blog. Be there or be square - all sorts of crocheters will be out in full force tonighT
  4. MBT

    why submit??

    Design fees depend on the type of project - less for a hat and scarf or a pillow, more for a sweater pattern written in five sizes or a king-sized afghan. A first time or newish designer will probably be offered anywhere from $150 - $500 for a pattern, depending on the item, it's complexity, and the general pay scale of the target market. That is a wide ballpark and I throw it out there for the sake of discussion - every person's mileage may vary!
  5. Thanks for all the nice posts! I did this in a hot hurry over Christmas break and am amazed they have it out already. I really liked the yarn too - softer than Red Heart SS, but not as floppy as Caron Simply Soft.
  6. http://www.premieryarns.com/patterns.php?id=83 Hi all - I designed it, they are giving it away on their web site. I had a great time making this one up, and it would be a great use of leftovers if I do say so myself!
  7. I don't find the bamboo ribbon to be as slick and slippy as some of the other ribbon yarns I have used (Katia Sevilla comes to mind as one I loved the look of but hated working with), but bamboo as a fiber has a tendency to grow, much like cotton does. This piece hasn't been handled enough for me to see what happens over time, but since it isn't real fitted I am hoping no one hates it six months after they make it.
  8. All fixed now - phew! Thanks all for the kind words.
  9. $6.00 - was I having a moment? I will go check the web site - thanks for the heads-up!
  10. Phew - can you tell I am trying to get a lot of patterns out before TNNA next weeK? Here is the last crocheted one for my spring/summer collection - Rosewood. It comes in three sizes (XS/S, M/L, and XL/2X) and is quick to crochet up on bamboo ribbon yarn and an I hook. Be well and thanks to all of you who have dropped by the site! Mary Beth Temple HookedforLife
  11. Here is another new pattern from Hooked for Life Publishing! Boy am I tired :-) Thanks to all of you who have stopped by the web site and checked us out!
  12. As others have said, it depends a lot on the publisher - I have an afghan booklet coming out from Leisure Arts in a few months that has eight patterns in it, but my current book proposal has I think 22 or so. A lot depends on price point - if you are aiming for a big old hardcover book from someone like Sterling that will cost $30 or so, more patterns. If you are aiming for a smaller booklet with a price point in the $10 neck of the woods, less is fine :-) Remember you do not have to have every single item finished for the proposal, and in fact often times it is better NOT to because the editor wants to change the color or the yarn for one reason or another, and you have to remake models anyway. Good luck!
  13. Hey all, I have been busily working on getting new patterns out for Spring/Summer use. I have just posted a woman's cardigan jacket, a sweet cotton shawl, and a set of two infant car seat blankets with cut-outs for the seat buckles! For more information, please go to our web site.
  14. All Tied Up! Our newest crochet pattern. This casual chevron shawl is crocheted quickly in worsted weight yarn, and its wide top makes it easy to tie or pin around your shoulders so you can be stylish and hands-free at the same time! Click here for more info!
  15. MBT


    I usually do a sketch of the front, write notes about any details I want to point out, and if it is complicated construction I might do a quicky schematic too. I stink at drawing, but they have no idea what the garment looks like if you can't at least rough out the general shape. I have found that sketching on graph paper helps me make my garments look less mis-shapen ! And of course your swatch will show them stitch details so no worries there. Good luck.
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