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  1. I'm in a pickle! I'm hunting for a pattern for a baby bunting that I made when I was expecting my baby boy back in 1976. It was crocheted from the bottom up (in rounds) and included an attached hood. I was pretty sure it was in a Woman's Day or Family Circle magazine and was labeled something like "100 Gifts to make for Christmas". I've been buying some magazines from those two publishing companies from 1976 but can't seem to find the right one, which makes me think maybe there was another magazine similar to those that it could have been in. I'm expecting a great grandbaby and would LOVE to find the original pattern! I'm not positive, but I think the picture in the magazine showed the bunting done in pink, blue, and white varigated yarn. Can any of you fellow crocheters help me find it? I'm still buying from Ebay in hopes of finding it in those two magazines, but would someone have other magazines of that type that it could possibly be in? I can't remember other magazines published besides those two.
  2. Hello all fellow crocheters! I'm happy I found this place! I'm Cheryl.
  3. Desperately looking for the pattern for a crocheted baby bunting that was in either Womans Day or Family Circle magazine in 1976. I can't remember the month, but I'm pretty sure it would have been in one of the Fall issues. The picture that went with the instructions showed it done in pink/blue/white varigated yarn. It was worked in rounds, beginning from the bottom and had a hood on it. I can find others, but would love to find this particular pattern for my first great-grandbaby, as I made one for my first born. I know it's a 'shot in the dark' but I would sooo love to find this pattern! I THINK it was in the "100 Christmas gifts" issue, but I can't be certain.
  4. Hoping someone can help me with a rabbit Easter basket I made many years ago. It was crocheted over the bottom half of a milk jug, a huge pompom made the head and smaller pompoms on the sides and back for feet and tail. Does anyone know how to make these? It's just been too many years since I made one and I have lost the pattern. Thanks for any help!
  5. So glad I found this place! I love crafts and crochet is my favorite! I'm from Illinois, about an hour away from our capitol, Springfield.
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