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  1. I'm excited to say that I've finished my first sock!! I used the "Ultimate Crocheted Socks" pattern as a serving suggestion only, adding increases and decreases to fit my feet, as well as a picot edging in place of the disappointingly unstretchy ribbed cuff. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the gorgeous "Circus" colourway. I will definitely wear these - just as soon as I've finished sock #2, which is a few rows from completion!
  2. Hi Jozzie. Not sure if this is the site everyone else has got the pattern from, but I found it while doing a search for the Seraphina shawl: http://www.angelfire.com/journal2/donisfuff/croshawl.html
  3. Thanks Rachel! I will try that and let you know what kind of a mess I make. Thanks for your help.
  4. Comfort level of right foot = fab. Comfort level of left foot = not so great because of having to adapt the pattern for that foot.
  5. I've run into a problem with the heel turn, I think. At this point, I've got 48 sts in my round instead of 60 (purposely - I've been modifying the foot to fit me). I know to start this next row at the side marker. I'd like to try following the instructions for the smallest size. Row 1 tells me "Sc in marked st and in each of next 14 sts." Do I need to modify/decrease this number, as I'm using a smaller number of sts overall? After following the instructions for the first 5 rows of the heel turn, I have a rounded flap which isn't developing from the bottle middle of the foot, but is much closer to the starting marker than it is to the side marker. I'm explaining this very poorly, but frustratingly I can't get upload a photo which might make it clearer ... Basically after row 5, I have 3 esc unworked to one side of the flap but 12 sc unworked to the other ... Help! (Penelope Pitstop voice)
  6. Hello ... is anyone else still following this CAL? I hope so! I came across the Ultimate Crocheted Socks pattern a few days ago and decided to try it out with my recently-acquired Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the gorgeous "Circus" colourway! Since I've got a gazillion crochet and knit projects on the go at the moment, I'm not seeing this as something I have to finish especially soon, but as more of a travelling companion ... a small, handy-size project that I can carry around with me and adapt as I go. I started today and your comments in this thread have been VERY useful! I'm using a 3mm hook and following the Medium size (am working on the Foot now). Just wondering if anybody else has found it helpful to make decreases once you've got past the ball of the foot?
  7. Apologies for the awful state of my neglected feet! I didn't have time to paint my toenails before taking the photo! These are crocheted in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn (colour: Pine), and they're the closest I'll get to being a beach bum this summer. I used Leigh (knit-errant's) pattern, which is more of a "serving suggestion", and I'm not sure I was too successful on making the little-toe decreases in the left sock match those on the right (the left one rides up over my little toe when I walk). If anyone has made these and has a suggestion as to how I can solve that little problem when I make another pair, do let me know. It was a fun little project! http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e382/Omphaloskepsis/crafts/flipflopsox.jpg
  8. That's fantastic! Is there any chance we could see a larger pic of your bag? I am trying to recycle more, and a crocheted carrier bag is one cool way of doing it!
  9. It's a lovely piece of work, and the edging DOES look like it was planned that way! I've had a shawl project on the hook for a year now ... The pattern was so tempting (pretty but simple) but the going gets so tedious after a while. Where does the Seraphina pattern come from? (Uh-oh ... I think I'm tempted again ... )
  10. Great hat! It looks to be a perfect fit for him.
  11. Thanks all! M, here's a link to the (sshhh!) knitted hat. I decided my friend "Clive" made a better model than me http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e382/Omphaloskepsis/crafts/clivehat.jpg Here's the Lamb's Pride in all its glory. Their colours are gorgeous. I still have plenty of yarn left over, too! http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e382/Omphaloskepsis/crafts/lambspride.jpg
  12. alchemyfyr, Sirdar yarns are made in England and so they're widely available here in the UK. I used Snuggly 4ply for my first version of this sweater, not knowing anything about yarn at the time, and found it split very easily. Snuggly DK is softer and is perfect for baby clothes. Thanks for your comments!
  13. Hello Beth! Thank you for commenting. I have a thing about purple & yellow together ... one of my favourite colour combinations ... I think it comes from painting, and playing with complementary colours a lot. Ely is beautiful, isn't it ... I'm so glad I live here. As a resident of the city, you must have been entitled to a free pass to visit the cathedral? It's certainly a lovely place to bring up my baby daughter.
  14. A year ago, one of my first crochet projects was a super-simple baby sweater I found on Crochet Pattern Central. It uses treble crochet stitches (double crochet if you're North American), slip stitches and a simple picot edging. My latest version of it was crocheted in two shades of Sirdar Snuggly DK, and either the dark side or the light side can be worn to the front. It's not an adventurous project, but for sentimental reasons I'm happy to have finished it. I enlarged it from the original pattern so that it will fit my daughter (hopefully!) next winter. http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e382/Omphaloskepsis/crafts/babysweater2.jpg Thanks for looking!
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