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  1. I have not tested in a few years but these are cute and I would love to test them and get back into testing. Testing with a deadline gives me MOTIVATION! LOL. let me know if you need another tester. I am a quick and fast so I should still be able to finish by May 1st Suzan
  2. Made this for my Star Wars obsessed Boyfriend for his Christmas Present. He loved it and i loved making it
  3. I love it!!! I want one :yes:yes:yes:yes:yes:yes:yes:yes:yes
  4. A baby shower gift! the bonnet is in the works
  5. I have alot of some colors and just a bit of other colors. Have the most of the white light grey and the greens left. Not sure what I am doing with it all yet!
  6. Just finished this last night and I am LOVING it !!!! Gonna have to write down what I did.
  7. I think this is the wool eater pattern just with a new name...lol. I have seen the wool-eater blankets and they look much the same.
  8. I used 11 skeins of the yarn and I have a bit left over from each skein. I used 4 shades of purple, 4 shades of green 2 shades of grey/silver and white. Considering starting another one with what I have left and going from there.
  9. just managed to get the pic up!!! having computer issues, really have invest and get a better one! But it is up there now. YEA!!!!!
  10. Just recently completed this afghan. Normally I choose my own colors but my friend who this was for fell in love with the colors used in the orginal. I loved how quickly this worked up and I will definately use this method again. Started it on a monday and finished the next monday. The pattern can be found in the Annie's attic book "How to do Bavarian Crochet" I used all Hobby Lobby "I love this Yarn". I almost didn't want to give it away...LOL
  11. I love the finished look of the RH Kooky. But working with it was a pain. It is a bulky size 6 fiber. That was not the problem. The problem is the other pops of color in the yarn. Very uneven fiber thick and fuzzy in spots and thinner and smoother in other spots. So it just took some wrestling with it is all.
  12. Done with red heart Kooky. I really do not like working with this yarn though i like the end result in this hat. Very happy I am finished!
  13. Just finished this up today! I am very happy with the results
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