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  1. I want to thank you all for your input on this issue! I contacted the pattern creator again, and she has informed me that those stitches were created by her so there was no chance of finding out from anyone else what they were! and by the way, she still hasn't told me what RBS stands for but being from another country she said she will try her best to help me understand what in the world is going on! I wish i could share this pattern because it is a beautiful example of cable crochet work! The pattern makers name is Karen Valladares and she has an etsy shop with some really cute stuff in it just beware the RBS stitch! thanks again, jules
  2. i recently purchased a pattern that i am so excited to work however, there are some stitches i have never heard of and can't imagine what the abreviations mean! I am pretty sure that we have a language issue and there are 6 links to youtube videos with no narrative and are very hard to follow. The stitches in question are as follows: RBS 1, RBS 2, RBS A, RBS B if anyone out there has any clue what i'm dealing with, PLEASE give me a shout out and help end this vendetta with my pattern:eekany advise would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! Thanks in advance, Jules
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