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  1. Hi everyone, Just an update to the thread I started in March. It has taken me so long because I couldn't work out which thread to use, which crochet hook to use with which cotton - every single combination you can think of. I now have a basket full of balls of cotton of differing thicknesses but at least I will have to make some more things in order to use them up !! Anyway, to make a very long story short I have finally finished one doily. I missed my friends' wedding anniversary (which this was started for) but have managed to finish in time to give to my friend for her birthday on Wednesday. I'm posting a photo to show how it turned out (ends not sewn in yet but will be done tonight) because it is my first attempt and I'm quite pleased how it turned out. One other thing, the friend of mine whose birthday is this week is my closest friend and would normally be the person I would turn to when I have a problem with anything to do with crochet/knitting etc., but couldn't as it would have spoiled the surprise so it has been very important to me to have the support of all you people who gave me advice when I first posted. I don't know if you can believe this but when things were at their worst and I'd started something for the 30th time I would actually remember you and just get back down to it again so I would have something to show you at the end. Once again, thanks so much. Regards:hug
  2. Hi Sarisue, I have actually downloaded two patterns, the first was the one you showed the link for but found with sc for the loops it wasn't coming out right (I put this down to my crochet always coming out tight). I then downloaded another one just called "free doily" from a different web site which had exactly the same picture but with tr instead of dc in the first couple of rounds and dc instead of sc in the loops thinking this would be better. In the end I think it has just shown up the problem better of stitches leaning and think I will go back to the original pattern, as the old adage says "bigger isn't always better"
  3. Sadly I think the picture of the single pineapple proves my point perfectly. The picture of the whole thing shows how the middle is done in the round and I'm now adding the right and left ends
  4. Sorry forum won't let me post the link which, according to the help pages, means the site has been added to it's filter. Looking for the reasons in the FAQ's it looks like a site that I wouldn't have used if I'd known what was happening. I suppose that my post doesn't make sense if you can't see the picture.
  5. I'm working on this pattern http://www.********************.com/doily.html The middle part is done in normal round way then the right and left sides are done separately and turn at each row. I don't think I have enough experience to adapt a pattern. Thanks for the tip about blocking I'll try that and see if that makes it less obvious
  6. Hi all, Is there anyone can help me with this, I'm doing a pineapple pattern at the moment but find that stitches are leaning to the left all the time (makes a very funny shaped pineapple as you can imagine). It is more obvious when you come to the stage where you turn every row to finish the pineapple. I've never noticed it before but maybe that's because it hasn't been so pronounced in other patterns and I've only just realised its happening. Thanks for any help you can give.
  7. Hi sarisue, words of wisdom most definitely about checking with buyer before hand but this fool just rushed in as usual. You would have thought I'd have learnt as far as this pattern is concerned as I had bought almost a dozen already in the vain hope they would be the one. HOWEVER, with your very gentle reminder I have done another search this morning for early 1980's copies on ebay and have this time sent a question to the buyer before buying. Here's hoping.
  8. Hi all, my pattern arrived from Canada this morning and very unfortunately the pattern I was looking for was not in it :-( HappyOldCro, is there any possibility that you could check the number etc that you put here. Mine says "December 1988 - Number 57" is that right? I'm beginning to wish I'd never seen this pattern and stuck with ones that I could easily find. Typical me, I start with a completely open mind, see something I like and after that nothing else will do. I've wasted so many hours shopping when this has happened with a jumper or dress, will I never learn.
  9. Hi all, thank you soooo much for your replies, especially HappyOldCro. Having looked at the link for issue #57 unfortunately that seller didn't mail to the UK but I could then do another search of the internet and found a copy on ebay which I have successfully bought. I'm trying to act grown up about this....... Nope, can't do it - jumping up and down shouting "I got it, I got it" I thank everyone, I'm sure my friend who will get this as a gift would thank everyone and my family thank you all because I'm happy again. I hope you all have as good a Sunday as I'm having.
  10. Hi lhendrix, I'm not sure because I can't get her to reply, but she did put on her page that people could use the photo to contact Magic Crochet magazine to get back copies. I've just checked the FAQ's and I think I can put a link to her website I suppose that way she gets the credit (I have to admit I don't really understand this but hope it's OK) (Thanks for replying - it's great to have someone else to talk to instead of the just searching page after page of websites)
  11. As a newby I'm not sure how to describe the pattern I'm looking for (because of intellectual property rights as it's not my photo) but I saw it on another website with the description above and have been searching a couple of hours a day ever since. The lady who posted it on her website had a picture of the finished item but explained that she used an old Magic Crochet book which no longer had the front page so she couldn't give the year, vol. no. etc. I have written to her to ask if she could suggest somewhere I could look but didn't get a reply and even to wrote to another member of the website to see if she had any luck when posting the same question as I have - no reply. I've even tried buying few old MC books on ebay in the hope that I would get lucky and one would contain the pattern but no luck so far. As it's made up of pineapple motifs there are a lot of ones that are similar but not the exact one. Am I allowed to put in the website as a link that I saw the pattern on as I really would love some help.
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