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    Monticello, Ga
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    Crocheting, Reading, Puzzles, Playing with my furbabies
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    Labor and Delivery Nurse
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    blankets, scarves, potholders, amigurumi
  1. recently a patient if mine brought in a blanket she was working on. It had rows of ripples and some half double crochet rows. it had a straightedge. she didn't have the pattern. she said she had gotten as a free pattern, found hanging on a store shelf. I have looked online and couldn'tfind one like it. any help wouldbe appreciated.
  2. Super cute! And we see alot of those around here. Only yours is much cuter!!!!
  3. very cute! I love elephants! Great job.
  4. I LOVE facebook too. Also a member of the C'ville group.
  5. Very cute! Talented too. Love the sheep theme!
  6. Wow! This is very pretty. Love your designs - is it safe to say "your on a roll" Love it! your mom will too!
  7. Now that is too cute! I should make one for my middle daughter who lives for coffee! Great job!
  8. OHhhh I think he is adorable. :clapWhere did you get the pattern?
  9. I would love to join this! I have not read all of the postings yet. But I made a resolution to crochet more and buy less because I have so much yarn. Hubby even found my secret stash:eek:blush I did not know I had so much:think. Am I correct in saying that I calculate points every week or can I update as I use or add to stash ?
  10. Love it! Love the deal too. I need to go to Wally world to see if they have a sweet deal like that. I LOVE snowmen,. Good job!
  11. Stunning! I absolutely love it.
  12. The angel is exquisite! Love the trees too. Where did you find the pattern for it? What kind of yarn did you use? Great job!!!
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