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  1. I have been drooling overe this books for almost 2 weeks now I love everything in it! Really fashion forward and cutting edge take crochet to a whole new level. the only problem I have is the patterns aLL USE REALLY EXPENSIVE YARN i WOULD LOVE TO MAKE THE LAST PATTERN THE FULL LENGTH COAT but is would cost over $200.00 to buy the yarn used in the pattern UGH:eek
  2. I got my Crochet Today Magazine and there is a beautiful skully sweater It looks like Lady Linoleum's design from her blog it is really cute My 11 year old wants one! Congrats to Lady Linoleum!
  3. Hi If you go to this page of their website EDGERY DOO and order the first item Code: 001K Price: $27.50 This is the one I ordered and I LOVE IT I use it to do edges on t-shirts fleece blankets etc. Good Luck!
  4. When you do the pattern you have 2 pieces like that you flip the other piece so that you have a gusset for each side of the bagOn the other piece you make join the end thing to the opposite side I hope I am making sense
  5. Anybody out there use Drops Crochet Patterns from Garn Studio The patterns are all in British terms Whcih I know would have to be converted but are the patterns well written and easy to follow they have the neatest patterns but I am afraid to try them until i know how they are Let me know Thanks A Bunch!
  6. Wonderful! Love the neutral color! I want to make it was it really hard????
  7. ABSOLUTELY GEORGEOUS! You did a beautiful job. I wish I had the patience for thread crochet it is so lovely!
  8. That is totally unbelievable and you did it in a week:eek :faint
  9. WOW Very pretty. I have been wanting to see what that yarn looks like when it is worked up into something Nice Job!
  10. Very Pretty, I have a huge skein of that yarn. I need to make your shawl with it! Nice Work:cheer
  11. Hi I have a question for y'all. I just got a new sewing machine for christmas and want to use it to sew linings into crocheted purses has anyone sewn crochet on their sewing machines? ( does it gett all stretched out and distorted does it jam up the machine?) If so what type of needle and foot do I need to use? I don't want to ruin my crochet pieces or ruin my sewing machine any input would be appreciated.
  12. I Got my Tahki Stacy Charles 2007 Crochet Pattern Book it is AWESOME the sweaters are beautiful I cannot wait to start on the multimedia tank (By Of course Doris Chan)in it I think it would look great over a T-shirt with a belt. This one is even better than the 2006 booklet
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