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  1. Very Cute. My dog Athena is a HUGE baby, she weight 110 pounds and is afraid of her own shadow! Thanks for testing
  2. I need 3 testers to test my doggie duster busters pattern. I need a large dog tester, a medium dog tester, and a small dog tester. PM me and give me your email addess. Thanks a lot
  3. That is so cute. I wanna give it a big kiss. Great job and welcome to the addiction.
  4. heres a photo of my bag. I didn't add anything to it yet! http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3288/2383825045_31a68d36b5.jpg
  5. I hope its safe to post this photo, its for a swap, buy my parner should have her package tomorrow.... I made up the pattern and I am planning on making some baby gnomes to go along with them. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2337/2383824057_f8101cf729_b.jpg
  6. I finished the fish, or course I forgot about the corrections so my tail is a bit wonky, but still cute. I would recommend row counts at the end of 29, 30, and 31. I find its easier for me to do a continunious crochet if I know the row counts, makes it easier to know where I ended and started. I will post photos once I get Mr. Fishface sewn up.
  7. I tried to resist but couldn't. I love making kitchen items, especially cute scrubbies!
  8. Great idea!! I think I am going to use it for a swap I am in.
  9. Sorry I haven't posted my wonderful box from my great partner Leslie! I have been sick for about the last week and haven't had the energy to get to the post office. So I am a bad person and only mailed out her box today. I can't believe all the cool stuff she sent me. I have this super colorful tea cozy that reminds me of a flower, a hat, a bunch of yarn for my ami's, a neato book, some tea that looks like it will taste pretty good. I plan on making it up later, and a ton of stuff. I plan on posting photos once I find some batteries for my camera. Man being sick just wiped me out but this great swap makes me feel GREAT, ok, like I can at least can look forward to working tomorrow (OK maybe I still need to be sick for 1 more day ) Thanks Leslie for being such a great swap partner
  10. Wow, this is super cute. I also love the tongue!!!
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