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    I crochet, read, scrapbook, and make cards.
    I also garden, camp, motorcycle and travel.
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    crochet, read, scrapbook, make cards, motorcycle, travel and garden
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    hats, scarves, mitten, slippers, afghans
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  1. You did an AMAZING job!!!!
  2. I do belong to Ravelry and got a lead on this color yarn in ebay. I contacted the seller and am waiting to hear back. I will check the Ravelry stash, thanks for suggesting it. I have now looked in "stash" in Ravelry and there are around 4 people that have this color, I have contacted one of them and hope to get the yarn! Thanks for all the help and suggestions!
  3. I cannot believe I ran out of this color yarn at the near end of an afghan I am giving for a gift!!!! Does anyone have this yarn? I will pay for it for sure!