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    My favorite three things in this world are crochet, computers and cross-stitch.
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    Crochet first, computers second, counted cross-stitch third
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    not working
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    had a rose shawl given to me , it was worn out so it was my first project, a popcorn ripple "arrow afghan" was second, made an original scissor handle cover
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  1. Here is my blog: http://crochetpatternfreebies.blogspot.com/ CrochetDonna
  2. http://www.purplekittyyarns.com/crochet-patternae.html Flower Garden Afghan LW1470
  3. Sit her down at nexstitch.com and let her watch various stitches being done, just tell her two watch them a couple of times over and over. Some people who have been "bullied" but someone who is a strong personality , kind of Shutdown when talking to someone or trying to learn because they get a mild "people phobia". Take her to your computer and let her just spend time watching ( with a cup of tea or coffee, or pop , so she can relax) make sure she knows how to click from one video to the next. The website has crochet section from basics up and a Tunisian crochet section. Tell her to just enjoy watching and leave the room, because she may be "up tight" around you too. After she's had her video session, have a tea quietly with her no crochet hooks, have a "fun" gab about weather , the tea whatever, when she loosens up a bit ask about her health does she have any minor aches and pains, dry hands ....it all affect "how you crochet" , some people don't like the "bound feel of wrapping the yarn around the pinkie finger, you might suggest she just let it glide between the third and fourth fingers. You'll likely find that she is having a problem with how tightly she is holding and doing her crochet, (that is likely why the relative suggested the big needle) But what she needs is to relax and be told "she is smart", "very capable of learning" "everyone is slow at first" (tell her a stories of how you "goofed up" when you first started. She needs to learn to be comfortable around her "teacher" and confident in herself before she can learn. If she does something wrong talk to her softly and encourage her gently. (make sure when you encourage her that you don't make her feel like a half wit.) Tell her stuff like you don't learn over night it take a while but if she keeps "patiently trying" she will be making beautiful and gorgeous things in no time. (Except there wasn't any computers when I learn, that is how the elderly lady taught me.) When she first tried she quickly learned if she sounded impatient or out of humour that my listening just "shut down". I had had alot of bullying, criticizing and ill humour then. She was patient, quiet and encouraging. We became best of friends and I learn crochet with great relish and joy and new found confidence. Your lady sounds alot like me at first. My teacher was kind and wise. Hope this helps you both. You have a good heart to keep trying. Crochet is likely exactly what she needs.
  4. Hi ya Poochie, many thanks!
  5. CrochetCatskills Many thanks for the welcome.
  6. Hi Misssmaggie, So sorry to here about your surgery on your wrist. My mom's favourite saying was "every cloud has a silver lining". I've been at this for 10 months now and have many more to go. You just made me thankful it is not my arm.....By best wishes for your speedy recovery. Are you doing physio yet? or still in a cast?
  7. Thank you for the welcome Dogymom.(Debi)
  8. Wildthing1058, thank you for the welcome.
  9. Thank You Ferosah, Stop by your site, first time I've been there, your patterns are beautiful. Went to sign up for your newletter and got an error message every time : ( this is the error message: We couldn't find any results containing login.yahoo.com/config/login_verify2?.intl=us&.src=ygrp&.done=http%3a//groups.yahoo.com%2Fgroup%2Fferosahcrochetdesignsnewslette
  10. Thank you for the Welcome Auntbubbels, I had popped by your "photo-bucket" even before I jioned! lol
  11. Thank you for the welcome Daisy loved your quote, especially the part about not running out of yarn....lol. Popped by your blog, your work is very beautiful, afghans and christening gowns. Loved your necklaces too. I have seed beads at home but bought them for leather work, have never adventured into necklaces...yet.
  12. Shaelynnsmom, visited your site....I'm not the only one that raids yarn stores..lol. I was a bit shocked to see you have a cat with the same name as mine..Misty we have two cats too , only mine are pushing 5 years old now. The laugh is when she was a kitten her colors were so muted that is why we called her "Misty" but as she matured her coat darkened and now she doesn't look "Misty" at all. Now we have to "explain" why we called her Misty! lol
  13. CountingSts thank you, had a chuckle over your quote. While I made my first afghan...I felt like I was holding my breath....still stare at it in happy amazement, it turned out so beautiful....I'm addicted...lol
  14. Thank You Angelfire, I have many months ahead of me, at the very least. But thanks for the thought.
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