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    I have been a knitter since childhood. Only recently have I become more interested in crochet.
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    Santa Monica, California
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    knitting, crocheting, on line games (Everquest)
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    Fiction Writer and Copywriter
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    Something that goes on the same forever so I can meditate and not watch too close to what I am doing.
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  1. Well depends on the size crochet thread you use. I was playing around with a size 3 thread and it looked too heavy and clumpy. I think size 5 would make it a lot more delicate and smaller of course. Use the hook accordingly.
  2. http://web.telia.com/~u51800388/MERMAID.HTM Here's your mermaid
  3. Wow that site is really awesome. I think it is interesting that the things made there are done in yarn instead of thread. Somehow I like the look of thread to get a more delicate design. To me things of the sea are rather delicate and not clumpy like those made with fuzzy yarn. There is something to be said for fuzzy if you are trying to get a certain blurred look Many thanks for the link. I will be able to use some of the free patterns there very nicely with what I am attempting to do. Ever notice how projects seem to change in midstream from what you originally planned? That happens to me a lot hehe
  4. Good idea. I will check those sites. Rather than filet, I had in mind more of soft sculpturelike objects. I would not know how to convert a filet chrochet pattern to a freestanding object like a fish for example. However, I have gotten some good patterns from cupcake and I am working away on making all the different elements. Still need a starfish, which should not be too hard to improvise from a flower pattern. I have a great mermaid and a seahorse and a fish. Getting there But keep them coming if you run across anything. Thanks for everyone who came forward with ideas.
  5. What lovely designs! Just what I am looking for to add to my curtain. More like a wall hanging now. Thank you for your offer and I would be most honored to test them for you. Sent you an e mail. Thanks again. Sharah
  6. Hi Debbie. Thanks for responding and I sure will share it as soon as I get all the parts done and assembled. Still working on the design and searching for the patterns. Probably will have to just make them up as I go.
  7. Sure enough I found the little mermaid on that site under toys and she is really a cute soft sculpture. I'm going to make one and if it does not work out for my curtain, I'll give it to my grand daughter Probably will make two anyway. Thanks so much. Here's the link in case anyone else wants to make one. http://web.telia.com/~u51800388/MERMAID.HTM
  8. While I toil away over the top for my daughter with countless flowers all over it, I do as I often do and break away to work on something else so I don't go crazy. Takes longer to finish projects this way but I enjoy what I am doing more Has anyone seen any patterns for sea shells, starfish, seahorses or maybe mermaids? I am making a lacy curtain for the bathroom that will let the light in but give us a little privacy. I wanted to trim the curtain with crocheted soft sculpture seashells, sea horses, maybe a lacy sea fan, starfish and things of the sea. I plan to include some crocheted or macrame streamers that hang down from the place where I attach the crochet sculptures and sew a few real sea shells on them. Doing it all in white thread. If you have any ideas of suggestions you would like to share, please let me know.
  9. Hi Annice and welcome here. Good thing you live where it gets cold so you can make things for those you love to keep warm
  10. Hi There and welcome. I am from Southern California and wanted to say you have entered a group of really wonderful, friendly and helpful crafters. I enjoy this site very much and I am sure you will too
  11. Wow That was awesome turn-around if you ask me. I can't wait to try it. Will most certainly communicate when I do and you will definitely see the finished product. Thanks so very much. Sarah
  12. To Countingsts: I sent you a private message with all the pattern details for the flowers. Thank you for your assistance.
  13. Well I went to ebay for the first time. Innocently looking for the teddy bear afghan pattern. I then looked at yarns and almost went blind, crazy and had a fit. So many yarns. If I bought all I wanted I would have to live to 1001 to use it all up, sleep under the freeway off ramp and never eat again. But I would be warmly dressed in hand made sweaters and the like. This yarn addiction must be a disease. Bad, bad joojoo.
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