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  1. Gosh you gals have a lot of stuff going on! I'm so one dimensional! Crochet is about it as far as crafts. Our garden takes a lot of time in the summer and canning.
  2. Greetings all! All you Texas folk....I sure do hope you are ok!!! Just a quick pop in to say hi....Sunday night at 4am my mother in law woke up with chest pain. She's resting in hospital now. So far tests show that she did have a small heart attack and she has pneumonia. My hubs had just seen his mom like 12 hours earlier and she was fine. No hint of being sick! Still running tests but at least she is comfortable. Gotta pack my crochet bag. I'm taking a shift of sitting with her this evening so I better shake a leg! Take care everyone!!!!
  3. OH! So pretty!! Our yard is the pits. When we bought our place in Nov. it was the laughing stock of the neighborhood. The lady that lived here was...um... eccentric, to say the least. The whole front yard was ivy and ground cover, every bush and flower known to mankind and a broke down fish pond. And if she could decorate it...she did. For example... at Christmas she had so many decorations that one friend of ours called it "The House that Christmas Puked On". Anywho - I love the simplicity of your garden area. Oh mercy! I should say you do have some stress! It sounds like you're m
  4. Muppet squares would be fun!! design them and let us test them for you! Linda - I don't know what is happening in your life but it sure sounds difficult. Whatever it is, my heart and prayers are with you for peace and strength to push on! Hope everyone has a great day! You gals are awesome!
  5. Greetings all! So much has gone one here since I was here. I'd love to reply to everyone personally but my foggy head just can't do it right now. Crochet has been sporadic and even then not great. Seems like I can get one row on an afghan done, find 5 buggers, frog it and then start over. It's frustrating. Oh well, this too shall pass! My heart and prayers are with so many of you! Hopefully I'll get a chance to do personal replies later.
  6. Good Morning! Just a pop in. Running a fever and having tummy pain for the last few days. Haven't even picked up a hook. Hope everyone has a great week.
  7. WOW!!! that is just outstanding!
  8. Hey Julie - I've tried to PM you but you have it set to not get them. I'll try again.
  9. Popping by for a quick Hi! Off and running! One of those days! Hope everyone is well and having a good day! :dog
  10. Wish I could give you a long laborious list of things I did but....I did nothing but watch it. We water with a weak solution of cheapo orchid food and wait for it to be completely dry (for a day) before watering again.
  11. This is the orchid that is open. I gave it to DH in July for our anniversary. It had no tag so we named it "Anniversary" It's a Phalaenopsis variety. The blooms fell, it went into stem, then bud and on Valentine's it had it's first bloom open. The last bloom opened today. They should last about 2 months.
  12. That looks great!!! If it's cooked pig, it's popular at my house! I'm going to give that a spin in the old crock pot. What kind of book are you doing? How exciting...never met anyone writing a book! Cindy - Love the curly scarf!!!! Linda - We just went through a move. We had been there for 17 yrs. It was incredible the amount of junk we hauled off!!!! How do we collect so much stuff? I've looked on here and may have missed a section for pet lovers. Is there one? I think a lot of us love to dote on our fur babies and show them off. Nothing exciting here today. Fed
  13. That sounds great! Although I'd prolly poop out after 10 mins. Fantastic! Love those colors! And your fur Babies are so pretty. Sundays are long for us. DH is a pastor and we spend all day in church and then go to an evening service. I'm give out. Been working on a granny ripple in some nice springy colors but just too tired to work tonight. Had to stop work on the popcorn afghan because I ran out of yarn. Guess I'll have to go try to find more. Well my fur babies are snuggled up with us on the couch. Sure am glad we got them this couch. Time to reclaim my space.
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