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  1. Kuddlekubs...gotta say thanks for that great purple square I got today!!!! Love it! Sorry about being MIA - I've been making soap and candles and other goodies for Christmas. I'm determined to get stuff finished before Nov. 1. I HAD to check in and see who the new queen is.....Congrats Immafreak!!!!!! I'll get 2 squares going asap!
  2. So glad you like the squares! Hope they will fit in well with your ghan. Rainy blah day here. Making two batches of soap today so that will make the house smell happy! Emma - the kitty is a cutie! The chickens are going crazy - better go see what's up!
  3. Well I just typed a gianormous page and had a power blip and now it's gone. I do agree with Cindy on the fix idea. That seems to be the best option....just not right now. Gota let the sting of it all wear off. I got a great new book, (new to me) called "When Granny Meets Filet". There's about 50 filet squares patterns in it and that is my new obsession! Watch out there may be some coming y'alls way. http://www.amazon.com/When-Granny-Meets-Filet-Stitches/dp/1596354216 And there's 50 unique granny squares in there too. Hope everyone has a super day~!
  4. Any thoughts? I see that it came undone at a place where one round ended. I didn't leave enough tail to keep it secure.
  5. Hi, Hi, Hi!!!! Glad you joined us! Everyone here is awesome nice. I know you'll have a great time.
  6. Hooray! Hooray! Estee's puffy is on it's way! I got two squares crammed into a small envelope and it's more like a bloatie than a puffy. I had taken a few days off to get some batches of soap made so they can be curing and ready for Christmas. Also - got a candle pie made. Was planning to do several but I have to wait for more wax. And...- it takes about 2 hours for me to make one pie. I finished an afghan and put it in the washer for a little rinse to block it. When it came out one of the center-most squares had unraveled. That has never happened to me before. If anyone knows how to fix such a mess then please let me know. I stood there in front of the washer and cried! So back to the hook! Hope everyone is well. Have a great one!
  7. Mystery and yarn?!?! I had no idea there was such a thing. fantastic! YAHOOOOO!!!! Congrats! Blessings! Hope this is the best year ever! We're still plugging along trying to paint and fix up our old house so it'll sell. My nephew is in town doing landscaping for 'curb appeal'. I tell ya I've grown to hate that phrase. Curb appeal...I got ya curb appeal right here buddie.... I did get a square made for Estee. The little bit of crochet I can get in is keeping me sain -ish. Also - I got 32 squares put together for a ghan for me. It's going to be my anniversary ghan. I crocheted all the way down to the beach for 4 hours and all the way back. Man! Driving with a hook and yarn is hard! LOL! j/k Anyway - I'm getting it together and it'll be the only blankie I've kept for myself. Ok- hope everyone has a great weekend if I don't get back on. Lots more painting to do over at the house of horrors.
  8. Just popped on to see who the new square is.....Yahoooo to Estee!!!!!!:cheer I'm pledging two squares! Still working over at our old house...ugh. Guess that will be the theme for us all weekend long. But I did get a few squares put together last night for a scrap-ghan I have been messing with for a month. Now Estee - off to find something for you!
  9. Just wanted to jump on and let anyone in the path of the storm to please be careful. Our prayers are with you. We lived in La. for 3 yrs. (Ft. Polk) and even just the regular thunderstorms were horrendous! We never had to go through a gulf hurricane. Of course we were up state enough to be protected. So worried...please give us updates when you can!
  10. The area I live in has a tanked real estate market. Don't worry - you'll probably do fine.
  11. I just saw this....I'm so sorry about this news Emma. The Rev. & I will put you and your family on our prayer list. Peace and comfort.
  12. Nice!!! Won't be long now! That yellow square is awesome! Plans for the weekend? We met with the realtor about our other house that is for sale. He had a list of 'to-do' for us. So we're going to be working over there tonight and all day tomorrow...whoopie. That place is killing us! Even just going over there sucks the life out of you. The house will have been on the market for 2 yrs this Nov. Sitting there empty has caused it to age and look really awful. Not to mention that working over there means no crochet time and no time to work in the house we're living in now. Sorry for the droning on. I'm just soooooo ready for that place to be in our past!
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