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    Where to start?

    It does help! Thank you!
  2. Franky

    Where to start?

    I am a complete beginner and I am looking at getting started. I have ordered an assortment of hooks to see how I get on. I have no idea where to start with yarn. I would like to do a blanket to start with, it may be a bit ambitious but hey. I would like it for my daughter's single bed. It's so confusing with all the different types. I don't know what quantity to buy. I just know I would like pinks and purples. Also, I am not sure what type of blanket to start with either. So, I have a lot of things I am unsure about but not a lot I am sure about Can anyone help?
  3. Hello My name is Franky and I am from Scotland. I am a complete beginner, I have never done crochet before but I am excited to start. I have just ordered some hooks for getting started
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