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  1. I am so behind! Even with the off week we had last week I didn't get anything done. I'm finally done with clue 5, but only have 1 1/2 of clue 6 done. Not sure that I really like this afghan, but I'm sure I can find someone who likes it. Definitely not one I would have chosen had I seen a picture of the final outcome. Back to finishing the last octagons so I can sew them together.Hopefully wont be too far behind come Wednesday for the clues on the border!
  2. Wow what a busy 2 weeks! Been working 11-12 hour days Monday through Friday, and not doing a thing once the weekend comes. I finally got my week 4 clues finished on Saturday. Had a day off today and got 3 of this weeks clues done. Going to try and have the other 3 done before bed. Love seeing all the photos of everyone's motifs! They are all gorgeous! I just realized the only ones I have posted were from week 1. Hopefully will take some pictures in the next day or so and get them posted. New clue tomorrow! Cant wait!
  3. They do work up pretty quick! I got 3 done yesterday and planned on doing the other 3 today when I got home from work. That is till it ended up being a 12 1/2 hour day! Just got home about 15 minutes ago, hopping in the shower and headed to bed. I'll try and finish the rest of them tomorrow.
  4. Finally getting ready to start clue 3. Work really picked up last week and I ended up having to work almost 11 hours a day Monday thru Thursday. Then I got switched to nights for Friday and Saturday. I didn't get a chance to pick up my yarn and hook once. Gotta try and get them done today, next week looks to be just as busy as this week was! Everyone's octagons look beautiful! Hi and welcome to the ones who are just starting!
  5. I still haven't had the time to take pictures of my octagons. Work is starting to pick up again, thankfully! Clue 3 tomorrow! I gotta work so hopefully I'll get a chance to work on it tomorrow night.
  6. I've thought about it. I'm pretty close to gauge now so don't think I'm going to. I do have to say, I am not impressed with the way the pattern is written. Looking at the Bernat site and all the problems people are having is not a good thing. And the problems with getting gauge is ridiculous! I'm not as excited about this CAL as I was before it started and after the first week. I'm gonna keep on with it and if I don't like the look of it after its done it will go in my gift pile! On a good note I got my octagons for this week done! I'll try and take some pictures and get them posted soon!
  7. Finally a full day off! Been a crazy past few days at work. Been leaving my house by 4am and not getting home till about 6. Have my yarn sitting in front of me and I'm ready to go! I'm kinda apprehensive about these octagons, especially after reading here and at the CAL site. I ended up having to go up to a K hook for the squares, and I really don't want to have to go up bigger than that. Off I go to see about this octagon.
  8. I can probably pull the clue up on my phone later, but I won't have anything with me But its probably a good thing I have to wait. Maybe I can spread it out over the whole week this time, instead of getting it done the first day and then having to wait a whole week for the next clue..... But then again, probably not!
  9. Oh wow all the squares look wonderful! Love seeing all color choices. I cant wait for this week's clue. I have to work so I wont be able to see it till later.
  10. The bag is beautiful, and love the colors. I would love to be on the list.
  11. Very pretty! Wish I could knit. I have tried several times, been taught by several different people, and I swear it seems like I have all thumbs.
  12. Yeah probably could have, but have become engrossed in this WIP I'm making for a friend of mine. Should be done in about an hour and then I'll whip one more "square" out! Looks great to me!
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