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  1. It's going to be for me, (23 female) I have looked at patterns for sewing in order to see how they put together waistcoats and to try and work out how to crochet them and have looked at others pictures of waistcoats. I am quite happy stitching the pieces together after.
  2. I want to create a small waistcoat with a hood, but I just can't get my head around working out how you crochet it? I have seen pictures of them but have no idea where to start!
  3. I was just wondering whether anyone finds it hard to sell their crochet items? And whether you have any tips and advice for new crochet businesses? I have tried to use facebook to put my crochet work around, but i'm not sure how else to go about with marketing?I know you can never make anyone buy anything, but it would be nice to have at least one sale!
  4. I don't have a blog, but I am on a facebook page. Does anybody want to share their facebook page with everyone? http://www.facebook.com/maidenofnature
  5. Barney and his lovely mum Agnes Gotta name your crochet toys
  6. Maiden

    My first owl

    Ooooo thank you! Only just logged back on! Sorry! Barney is very pleased you all like him!
  7. Maiden

    Dibbes Dragon

    Aw!!! He's adorable!
  8. Maiden

    My first owl

    Barney the owl I'm hoping to make a family of them
  9. I'm thinking about setting up a blog again, but this time for my crochet. However, I don't know whether to call it inspired by nature again, which is practically what my crochet will be. But I wanted the name to be earth, nature, pagan based. I'm so stuck! Anyone want to help me think of some ideas?
  10. Maiden

    Owl bag

    I have finally finished my first crochet project. I think it took about 4 days in total. The strap took the longest as I doubled it to make it stronger. I got the outline ideas from 'Crochet for children' but changed the stitching altogether as I prefered treble crochet stitch. I'm addicted!
  11. Omg. Three hours! And I thought 4 days was quick for me! I love the colours and the bag itself!
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