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    Gorete Cerdeira
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    I am 39 years old and I am a Portuguese woman
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    Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal
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    read, crosstitch
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  1. Hello!! For those who wanted the schemes, I regret to answer only now!!! ... you can see on my blog the links of which I took some of the schemes, or the ideas!! http://cxsurpresa.blogspot.com I hope i have helped!!
  2. Cerdeirocas

    Spring Bunny

    Is so cute!!!! Gorete
  3. Hellho!! A friend of mine recently had baby, a boy called Gonçalo, I offered him this blanket, a pacifier holder and a "doudous" with a small sheep application, and still managed to make a toy shaped like a sheep funny! a big kiss!! Gorete:heehee:heehee:heehee:heehee:heehee:ghug
  4. Hello!!:cheer:cheer:cheer:cheer:cheer I want to show a little doll i made few days ago..., you allways can visit me in my blog( http://cxsurpresa.blogspot.pt ) big kisses, Gorete
  5. Cerdeirocas

    little ladybug

    I made a small ladybug!! I hope you enjoy... kiss, Gorete
  6. Hello!! I need help to find a pattern. A friend asked me to make a puppet of the zodiac to his grandson, the sign of zodiac is the ram! I have no ideia where to find it!!! a pattern of a sheep/lamb would also be helpful if you tell me how to do the horns of the ram? I really want to try!! I thank the help possible... A kiss from Portugal, Gorete :):)
  7. Thanks to all:manyheart:manyheart:manyheart:manyheart:manyheart
  8. It is really wonderful! You are very talented! Congratulations
  9. Hello, I am Cerdeirocas (real name-Gorete), I am 39 years old (almost 40) and I am a little Portuguese who lives in Povoa de Varzim - Portugal, (I must apologize for my English!) my mother had taught me the basics of crochet as a kid, and I do not care much! My hobby was more cross stitch, but recently I discovered amigurumi! and then I want to learn more. I hope I can do it in this forum with your help, thank you I have this blog where I put some of the things that I do ..., i hope you you can visit me there, http://cxsupresa.blogspot.com :hugkiss, gorete
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