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  1. Thanks to you all. That's a free pattern too. I was surprised!
  2. was hoping someone knew more about this and the place to get the pattern, plz
  3. have one,but I don't know about the copyright stuff
  4. I soaked the cat hoping this one help it
  5. not happy with this, but It will have to work. Can't change it now.
  6. Thank you, I like that answer. Never thought of it myself.
  7. I am wanting to know can you use acrylic pain on a filet doily of a cat to make it different colored spots ? I don't embroider. Maybe watered down food dye and use artist brush. the cat is doily of the month pretty cat https://www.crochet-world.com/doily.php?id=9 I was wanting to make it like calico
  8. thank you. I was wanting to ,ake them for charity...crochet 2 pieces together.
  9. I am looking for the scottie dogs in various sizes and the cats made just like scottie dogs
  10. thank you . shouldn't be too hard, maybe just make a smal;l diamond and attach it
  11. thank you. I've been looking on ebay, ect. Haven't found it yet. don't really want the exact one. I was interested in the designing of the star
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