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  1. thank you . shouldn't be too hard, maybe just make a smal;l diamond and attach it
  2. thank you. I've been looking on ebay, ect. Haven't found it yet. don't really want the exact one. I was interested in the designing of the star
  3. looking for a pattern for a crochet lone star quilt. rather not have it in a circle though.
  4. love to have this pattern double wedding ring

  5. I have some info for this pattern. One is called the Grand finale by yarn arts. Another is Lorene's creation 1981. Are you still wanting this pattern?
  6. reefefered

    Angel Hugs

    where did you find this pattern?
  7. Great! Thanks you. I looked and the magazine is out of print. I also think you are right about how its' done. I will give it a try.
  8. looking for this pattern or name of it ...anything
  9. not going to tuck pillow. ay just make a cover for pillow using the same flower motifs with a solid one between
  10. thank you. I think you are right about this...so, guess I will have to get busy.
  11. actually, I wanted it twin size, but I may be able to put some flowers motif or something around the edges
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