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  1. love to have this pattern double wedding ring

  2. reefefered

    Double Wedding Ring Afghan (part 2)

    would love to have pattern
  3. reefefered

    Seeking Elvis Presley amigurumi pattern

    I have some info for this pattern. One is called the Grand finale by yarn arts. Another is Lorene's creation 1981. Are you still wanting this pattern?
  4. I can't get them to open up
  5. reefefered

    Angel Hugs

    where did you find this pattern?
  6. reefefered

    butterfly afghan

    Great! Thanks you. I looked and the magazine is out of print. I also think you are right about how its' done. I will give it a try.
  7. reefefered

    butterfly afghan

    looking for this pattern or name of it ...anything
  8. reefefered

    graphghan help

    not going to tuck pillow. ay just make a cover for pillow using the same flower motifs with a solid one between
  9. reefefered

    graphghan help

    thank you. I think you are right about this...so, guess I will have to get busy.
  10. reefefered

    graphghan help

    actually, I wanted it twin size, but I may be able to put some flowers motif or something around the edges
  11. reefefered

    graphghan help

    Oh, thank you so much for this information. I think I will do the hdc like you said.
  12. reefefered

    graphghan help

    this is the one i want to make in yarn and not in filet
  13. reefefered

    graphghan help

    I thought of adding edging to it, but I think it would still be too small in the center. I usually do sc in each sq, but was wanting to know about stitch ratio for hdc and dc. thanks for your reply..I liked it.
  14. reefefered

    graphghan help

    I have a pattern for sc graph and I was wanting to know how to use dc on this graph to make the finished blanket larger. I read long time ago because dc is taller, then you use 2 dc in each square? would appreciate feedback on dc and hdc and how to use them in a graphghan
  15. reefefered

    Blue Gingham Crochet Blanket in Spring Garden pattern

    http://www.bestfreecrochet.com/2011/04/19/109-vintage-check-dishcloth-maggie-weldon-maggies-crochet/ checks dishcloth on youtube