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  1. Welcome aboard, Darkrose! I am so mad at myself this week! I had a GAIN of 5 lbs! I haven't been doing my exersise and that makes ALL the difference! I am gonna work my butt off this week! I think as punishment I might unravel the last 5 rows of my afghan!!! Then I'll be back down to 20 rows/pounds!
  2. Thanks Kellie! Thank you too Tia!
  3. Hi all. I would like the MUFA list too if you don't mind. Also what is "Sassy Water"? I am down another 5 pounds this week. A total of 25! I hope I can keep it up!
  4. I had my weigh-in last Monday. I lost 4 more lbs! That makes it an even 20 for me! Woo-Hoo! Just what I needed! I have been doing strengh traing with Denise Austin. IT WORKS!!!! I encourage everyone to give her a try! Tia, Good for you! I know how those accomplishments are so motivating! Keep it up!
  5. Speaking of fresh warm bread...the store where I work makes fresh bread every morning and that is ALL you smell! Talk about torture!!!! I did recently read somewhere that you get more pleasure from smelling food then actually tasting it? How do you guys feel about that? I had my weigh in this AM and I lost 2lbs this week making a total of 15!!! I can't beleive it! Now I can finish the last 2 rows on my afghan and I think that means I start a new color on it next week. (If I lose that is!) I walked a total of 8 miles this past week. I am glad I did. I really had to push myself!
  6. Cindy- LOVE the top right diamond one! Beautiful!
  7. Pam, You can do it! It is hard when you are with other smokers. I tend to want to smoke around smokers. Eventhough, I am not a smoker! It is a social thing I think. Just remember your progress so far and you don't want to stink at your son's wedding! LOL! As for eating, eat whatever you want. Just use portion control and carry minty gum, spray, or strips. That usually gets rid of my urges to eat. Plus, you'll have minty fresh breath! Good Luck and Congrats!
  8. I know exactly what you mean! I get the same way! I did weigh in this morning and I didn't lose but I didn't gain!!!! YEAY!!!!! After the horrible week I had I thought I was doomed! Good job to everyone!!!!
  9. I think Monday might be a bad weigh in! Tuesday I had my b-day cake and yesterday was just awful! I went out to eat with a friend and let's just say it wasn't pretty! We split2 appetizers.....beer battered onion rings and mozzerella sticks! After that I was full but did I stop ..HECK NO! We had salads. Then the entrees came on a platter! Which I could have divided into 4 meals! Since I have been doing so well with portion control! There was at least 2 cups of mashed/ gravy and 20 chicken fingers! Luckily, I couldn't finish! I still ate waaaay more then I should of though! I know we all fall of
  10. Hello everyone! I went to my Mom's for my birthday lastnight. She has a treadmill so I used it because I had to have birthday cake! LOL! I walked for 20 minutes and did 1 mile. Today I have such guilt over the freakin cake, I walked outside 2 miles with a friend for 45 minutes. The temp reached 52 today! Everyone was wearing shorts and had windows open! (That's Maine for ya!) I hope I can finally lose weight this time! I have a walking friend, an eating/journaling friend, and I have you guys as inspiration/crafting friends! I HAVE to do it this time! Everyone sounds like that are doing great!
  11. I weighed in today and had a 2lb loss! Now I have a total of 13 lbs! Yay! So tonight I can add 2 more rows to hot chocolate! If I lose 3 pounds next week I'll get to change colors!
  12. Crochet crone...That is wicked beautiful! I love that pattern! hopefully you'll be making a bunch! Well, I weigh in tomorrow! All I hope for is 1 pound! That is how I don't get disappointed! I'll check in tomorrow. Tia, We had a weather tease today. It was 47 at 9am!!!! I was so excited that I was going to walk on my lunch break and at noon it was down to 30 with that stupid wind chill of what seemed like 50 below!! Oh well, That is what Maine is famous for. "If you don't like the weather....wait a minute!"
  13. It was -17 below this morning! Top that!
  14. Hi guys! I am actually doing well! Last Monday I lost 3 lbs! That is a total of 11 lbs since 1-5-09! I am so surprised! Weight Watchers RULES!!!! It changes your ways of thinking and I am in NO WAY deprieving myself of any sweets. If I want some I just control it! This is about the time I fall off the wagon though. Either I get depressed that I have not lost or I get cocky thinking I'll lose no matter what! So I hope I just stay steady! I have 11 rows of my Hot Chocolate Ghan done. I will be changing colors at row 15 so 4 more lbs and it is color change time! Woo-Hoo. I'll try and get
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