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  1. What a thoughtful gift! You did a wonderful job making it Samantha!!
  2. Black batting?? GREAT!!! The spots were crocheted afterwards out of black fun fur and sewn on. Also there is fun fur trim around the opening. It was super duper easy...and too cute!!
  3. I just finished this little bag from an old copy of Crochet World. It is even cuter in person. I stuffed the handle to make it firmer...but hate how the batting shows thru. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v321/crochetdiva/ladybugbag2.jpg
  4. That is just lovely! You did a wonderful job!!
  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have been wondering what was in the mag. I can't find a copy anywhere...but will keep looking. Now that I see what all the fuss is about...I have to get one. I just love the sandals!!! How cute!
  6. Have you thought of doing a Mile a minute afghan? They work up quickly. I also like the one on goodie2shoes site that has the stripes and the FPDC, that looks masculine, and fun to do.
  7. crochetdiva


    Oh, how cute is that??? He is adorable! My three year old would love one of those!!
  8. What a beautiful stole! Lovely design and beautiful color!
  9. That is exquisite! Makes me wish I had signed up for the swap.
  10. That is adorable!! Great job! You got it bang on! Looks just like a Sibe!
  11. Thank you everyone. What great suggestions and ideas!! I think a balloon is definitely an idea for the one design at least. The pics were a great aid. Thanks so much!!
  12. You know, maybe they are not angels. I just assumed they were...but no wings were in the bag. So maybe they are ladies??or something.
  13. I think I will have to do that, thanks. The bowl idea is great...if I had one that size. And I am not sure how I would get it out without wrecking the angel. Oh, I think Tampa Doll even used a balloon....didn't think of that. I just wish I could see what the finished patter was supposed to look like. They don't have wings or anything, I will have to make my own.
  14. Hi, You used to be able to get a pattern through one of the sewing pattern companies. You can check on line through www.simplicity.com, or www.voguepatterns.com (which is the place for Butterick and Mc Calls patterns also)
  15. Thanks. I do know how to stiffen them using the stuff in the bottle, but really I was wondering what they were supposed to look like finished. Also I have used cones to block but don' t know what to use for the other one that wouldn't fit on a cone.
  16. Here is a link to Kristie's wonderful patterns: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=26966
  17. Thanks...luckily I had these buttons of hand...my little guy couldn't wait! LOL. Yes she is a clever woman that Kristie. I wish her well in her pattern sales for sure!!
  18. I purchased a bag with 5 of these lovely ladies from the thrift store last week for $2. The only problem is I haven't a clue how to stiffen them and what they are supposed to look like. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v321/crochetdiva/2006/angels.jpg Especially this one, with the different shaped skirt. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v321/crochetdiva/2006/angels2.jpg Does anyone know where the pattern came from? Or where I can find a pic of the finished angel?? Thank you.
  19. I got him done last night, and my three year old claimed him before I could even get his eyes sewn on. This is another of Kristie's wonders. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v321/crochetdiva/2006/elephant.jpg
  20. That is so pretty. I like the unusual shape!
  21. WOW! That is incredibly beautiful!!!! You really need to change your heading. Scarf isn't good enough. I was expecting something long and fluffy, you need something more elaborate and exquisite...like your scarf. How about My Elaborate and Exquisite scarf?? LOL It is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen!! Oh, and that goes for the runner too. Wonderful job!!
  22. Those are really pretty! Great job!!
  23. Great question! I wondered the same thing. Do you think it would be in the gardening area or maybe hardware??? If anyone knows, please share. Thanks
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